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13th Oct.
"Just One Big Hill" said Skippy ! ! !
On a lovely, sunny but cool  day, we gathered at the park in Chidlow. It was a modest turn-out, as for numerous reasons (most of them reasonable) there were some Hashers missing - hope all's well DOSH ?
Skippy, the Hare, indicated there was 'just the one hill' but the drink stop was somewhere nearby ! So off we surged, runners and walkers on the same trail till we had W's and R's to mark separate trails. True to his form, the Hare had not skimped on the flour so the trail was very well marked and we were mostly in bush, full of wildflowers,  on a flat trail ! Sadly, it was littered with household items discarded by those who have little concern for the environment. Still, a very pleasant run .....
Until THAT hill  .............
It was the undoing of Pink Bits ... made it to 3/4 way up but then the sheer steepness and slippy gravel had her frozen to the spot .... until help arrived in the form of Dripper (hero - thank you) who assisted in the ascent ! The drink stop had moved on,  so it was back on the *on home* trail.
In the circle, the run was voted highly by the runners and walkers alike despite the hill !  A welcome *long time no see* was Pick-Up-Chick who obviously forgot it was a 4pm start ..... she reckoned a magpie prevented her from following trail. She would have had much to pick-up on trail !
There was a bit of blood-letting (Franger) and other charges by the RA (who had also returned from his druids gathering !)
Then after the song, we had a BYO BBQ but it was a bit too chilly to hang around too long.
On On
Pink Bits
6th Oct.
Crusher's Confusing Calculations ! ! !
The pack was warmly welcomed to the home of Hares - Rock Bottom & Crusher.
It was a very good turn-out on a beautiful day.
Instructions were given that the run was long-ish  and we were on the same orange chalk and flour blobs trail together, runners and walkers till approximately 2 KM. At that point we would veer off, left and right (R & W)
It was a lovely wonderland of native flowers and bushy trail. Some of it was filmed by *Gadget Gran* on her latest gizmo that looked more like a pepper spray ! (see Hills Hash Facebook page) Runners had zoomed away so it left the walkers doing many false trails and walking about in circles - most disconcerting.
After what seemed like 3.5 KM (and it was !) the R and W sign appeared. Really Crusher, are all blokes bad at measuring ???  :)
We did all get back safe and sound and the GM (DOSH) had managed to get a stand-in RA (Dripper) who between them dished out many charges and down-downs including some long time no sees ! The run was voted as great, despite the measuring issue, and we ended with a reasonable rendition of the club song !
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Pink Bits

Tanglewood Hash Away long weekend 29 Sep 19
The RA worked his magic by remote and gifted us perfect weather for this weekend.
 A small but select group of 13 hashers / golfers / drinkers / pyromaniacs / musos were out numbered about 40:1 by Owls.
Owls were everywhere - inside, outside, under the bed, in the soup, and at last count, over 280 on the owl walk.
However, working on the premise that you can never have too many owls, Leapfrog and helpers set about making a memorial owl for her 1000th run.
It was of course, made out of beer cans (see photo).
 Other memorable events;
  Hash golf won by team GPS - helped by Little Weed and Leapfrog. Dripper hit a hole-in-one at the 8 funnel hole. Was this cheating?

  The Run on Sunday was three bridges, a lot of hills and about 5 million ants. Scooby Do and Choir Girl fell victim to bites.
  The amazing wood fired Pizza oven provided us with very intrestin pizzas.

   Glorious spring gardens.

   Did I mention owls?

   The understated efficiency of our hosts - Leapfrog and Passiona resulted in a relaxing fun filled weekend

   Drippers 700th run, Karris 150th.

   The occasional owl.

Scribe - Rock Bottom.
22nd September Run Report
Lost In Space ..... ?

Not sure how to describe this week's run ..... but here goes .....
A tight parking spot caused some shuffling of cars and bemused Hashers watched a resident with keys go through the new shiny gate across the gazetted road (which would have led to a slightly bigger carpark ! Go figure ...)
The Hare, White Pointer, gave some instructions that .... well were not quite up to the mark and the pack departed on a gorgeous bushy and paddocky trail right down to the Helena River which was fairly full ... Mind you how we found the way, with the slightly quirky trail markings, is surprising ! To be absolutely honest, some of us didn't ! The trail has squiggly marks done with flour (very sparingly used ... only 99 cents from ALDI White Pointer I) that we had never seen before  so they indicated very little ... were they for runners or walkers ? Eventually we found signs for walkers or runners and spectacularly a special one for Franger .... OMG What the ....... !
Once everyone got back, we had so many charges to possibly mull over but after a quick head count one Hasher was missing ! Who could it be ???
The most illustrious GPS ... Lost yet again (anyone keeping score ?) Franger set off to look for him - came back without him - went again, then White Pointer was sent off, then Dripper joined the search and rescue team (all Hero's)
Skippy kept up a barrage of HORN ! (sometimes resembling a cow with too much wind) Still no sign of them .... a few of the pack had to leave and it was getting dark .... we were worried (Hashing IS dangerous)
Then out of the gloom came all 4 of them - GPS safe and sound - and arriving at a trot ! He had been half way to Darlington or somewhere ...
A very quick depleted circle was convened and the thrust of charges were aimed at White Pointer for lack of trail and GPS for getting lost and for the Hero's. As there were people (same woman) coming in and out of the gate, we had to sing the song while moving out of the way only to have a local come to see what all the fuss was about ! Talk about causing a stir GPS ???
PHEW what a run and aftermath ! ! ! !
On On
Pink Bits xxx
PS. There were other lost Hashers this weekend, more later.....
15th Sep Run Report
To Be ... Or Not To Be ... Disappointed !

Oh ! - and he was not ....  GPS that is - as his run was something completely different. In the depths of the flatish land, he had set the run on a fine Sunday afternoon. The pack was excitedly waiting till everyone arrived. Then the Hare went into overdrive discussing chalk, arrows, W's and all manner of trail. Walkers set off watching the runners do a complete circuit only to meet up with them (clever Hare) then sped off into the distance. We had been informed that every single hill, mountain and steep climb was ahead of us (in Guildford ???) and true to his word there was one  teesnsy weensy rise that mostly went un-noticed ! After a very lovely trail incorporating bushland, river, house and garden, we eventually emerged in a meadow ... not an ordinary meadow but a ROYAL one. GPS was like his chooks ... a mother hen keeping his eye on his brood ! Giddy with delight, the walkers and runners came back to the start and refreshed themselves thoroughly .... We had a fabulous circle with no bloodshed (see last week) and a few long time no see's - Side Saddle (now a married woman  !!!) & Catwalk with cute Otillia (check spelling ...) Some other charges were bestowed on the guilty or not ...
We sang the song and smelt the burgers cooking in the nearby joint !  Then it was On-On to any handy eateries and there were many choices ...
Till next week ...
Pink Bits xxx
8th of Sep Run Report
It Was All Amazing !
Skippy set this week's run and informed us that there was everything ...... views, water, steep climbs, vast bush and no drink stop ! He was right ..... It was all that and more. It was a great setting in the Mundy Regional Park Kalamunda and as the sun has decided to come out to play more often, we had a super run.
Walkers and runners set of in roughly the same direction but after a short time, we veered away only to hear the Hash Horn in the distance. "Bit of a hill at the start" was the advice from the Hare and W O W ..... was there a hill..... Vertical lift more like - still everyone did enjoy the view (what F*****G view puff pant !)The trail was so well marked that it was impossible to get lost ... however, not impossible for some serious trips, slides and falls.
Once the pack got back together the extent of the 'blood loss' was more evident (2 pints in all I believe, distributed between a few Hashers ...but mostly Leapfrog - Hashing is dangerous) ) Free Beer is the new Hash MASH thanks !
Still, the circle was convened and usual charges dished out by the GM and RA with a few extras for long time no-see's and LAME DUCKS ! The run was voted L O N G but good
Pink Bits xxx
01/09/19 Run Report
Running On Water !
What a day .... we had so many Hashers - we were inundated !
Or were  we... we were just the TRULY committed ones ??? (Yes ... even Franger !)
So, after the Hare (DOSH) had set the run 3 times (YES 3 times) we had some instructions about everyone being mostly on *runners* trail and then, only veering off a little .... however,  ... there is probably a cake in the valley somewhere !
The walk and run were really great .. VIEWS for ever ! (If only some of us could stop and look !) There was  a lot of  'down, down, down'  then - up, up, up - but eventually we heard the runners horn - way, way down in the valley ! That spurred  the walkers on - and they got back well before the runners ... good job Leapfrog had the keys to the splash wagon ... (SILLY THOUGHT  !)
Oh ! .. what a great circle too ! The charges were very minimal, but succinct .... the RA thought he had altered the weather & he did good ... we had so much fun with blue skies ! ! Not a lot to report .. This week's lame duck award went to Skippy - but -  if not ... it went to someone else ! Charges sorted ... we sang the song ... End of run .... !
Pink Bits xxx
25/08/19 Run Report.

Tales Of Brave Dripper ...
Getting up from his sick bed, Dripper set a magnificent run that sent us all up hill and down dale ... Some of us managed to stop and smell the flowers ...
Very few complaints ... and many accolades !
The RA had his usual *quirky* charges ...  nothing too significant to report ...
We had a good circle and sang the song !
On On
Pink Bits x
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