A collection of assessed articles and links about folklore in Australia and around the world
for teachers, students and anyone interested in this field.

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For Primary and Secondary teachers and students

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Teacher’s Guide to Folklore Resources (K12)

Integrating Folklore into K12 Syllabus
Children’s Folklore anthology the networking result of 108 schools from 61 countries.
Simply Australia. Online magazine of folklore, oral history, social history, song and verse.
Indigenous Australia. Museum of Australia website
Folklore, Myth and Legend. Links to many useful sites and resources
Brief article on Halloween (USA), with bibliography (1982). By Jack Santino.
Fairy Tale Resources. Project Gutenberg, University of Maryland
Folklore and Mythology electronic texts. One of the best and authoritative sites for texts, articles and links. By D. Ashliman. Also for tertiary and research purposes.
Results of school collection project on weatherlore
Useful collection of folktale, fairy tale links
Anzac Day Commemoration Committee (Qld.). Facts and folklore on Australia's central custom.
Australiana links and information, especially re Waltzing Matilda and A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson
Folklore Heritage in the Pacific Northwest (excellent for schools)
A Teacher's Guide to Folklife Resources for K-12 Classrooms (mainly USA, also international)
Legends of the West (West Australian folktales)
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America
Folklore of Malta Interesting group of annotated links by Bank Street College of Education (USA)
Festivals, Holidays, and Celebrations from around the world
Kidspeak. June Factor’s online collection of Australian children’s folk speech
The Holland Ring. Dutch Culture and Folklore
Legends. Devoted to history, literature, folklore, fiction, the arts
Outlaws and Highwaymen. Texts and sources on English robbers, famous and obscure.
Children’s Folk Games


Tertiary and Research


Australian Folklore Research Unit (AFRU), Curtin University

Western Australian Folklore Archive
National Library of Australia Oral History/Folklore Archive
National Library Sheet Music Collection (needs Java)
Victorian Folklife Association
National Centre for English Cultural Tradition (UK)
American Folklore Society
American Folklife Centre
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Baltic Institute of Folklore.
Center for Folkloristik, Copenhagen.
The Folklore Society (London).
The Institute of Irish Studies.
School of Scottish Studies.
The Elphinstone Institute. Traditions of north and north-east Scotland
The International Society for Folk Narrative Research (ISFNR).
International Society for Contemporary Legend Research


Journals and Periodicals

Australian Folklore Annual journal of the Australian Folklore Association
Play and Folklore, children’s folklore, twice yearly, edited by June Factor and Gwenda Beed Davey. Published by National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University.
Journal of American Folklore
Journal of Folklore Research, Folklore Institute, Indiana University
FOLKLORE Estonian e-journal
Newfolk - new directions in folklore research
Cultural Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture
De Proverbio - proverb studies journal
Marvels and Tales: Journal of Fairytale Studies
Contemporary Legend. Journal of International Society for Contemporary Legend Research
Musical Traditions: The magazine for musical traditions throughout the world



Australian Children's Folklore Collection
Access to National Library of Australia folk music collections
Australian National Place Names Survey
Ballad Index (English language, includes Australia)
Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads Project, University of Oxford
Humanities Internet Resources; Mythology & Folklore.
Myths & Legends. A Selection of World Folktales Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Annotated collection online folklore resources
SOSIG World Catalogue. Evaluated links to social anthropology and folklore sites
DMOZ Open Directory links to folklore on the web
Vietnam Veterans’ Oral History and Folklore Project (also other military lore)
Archives of Folklore. All the posts made to the internet's longest-running discussion-list on folklore, from 1991(!)
Mything Links. An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions
An annotated bibliography of Papua New Guinean folklore
Essay on proverbs current in Australia, plus some links.
Web site of cultural historian and author Dr Noris Ioannou. Details publications and writing on Australian material folk culture, craft traditions, cultural analysis, folklore and folk art.
Mark Gregory’s Collection of Australian union songs
Mark Gregory’s interview with A.L. Lloyd (Overland, 1970)
A.L. Lloyd papers, Goldsmith’s College
The Holland Ring. Dutch Culture and Folklore with links to useful sources
Legends. Interesting collection of links for balladists, legendists, mythologists, et al.
Outlaws and Highwaymen. Texts and sources on English robbers, famous and obscure.
English traditional music on the Web
Bibliography of Australian folklore
Bibliography of chain letter research
Useful set of links by la trobe University, Bendigo.

The Fresno Folklore Reprint Series - making major folklore works of the past available in electronic form

Links on Australian bush lore

Chain Letter Archive






Graduate Diploma in Australian Folklife (Curtin and Monash Universities)
The Elphinstone Institute. Traditions of north and north-east Scotland
DMOZ links to academic departments of folklore


'Urban' and electronic lore

Urban Legend reference Pages
The E-Mail Folklore Homepage.


Collecting Folklore

Family Folklore: How to Collect Your Own Family Folklore.
Folklife Fieldwork: A Layman's Introduction to Field Techniques
Centre for Life Stories Preservation. US site with useful interviewing information, links, etc.


Folk Arts

Folk Alliance (Australia)
Slovenian Folklore in Australia
Folk Australia (music)
EFDSS - The English Folk Dance and Song Society.
The Folk File: A Folkie's Dictionary
Simply Australia. Online magazine of folklore, oral history, social history, song and verse.
Ghost Concert – folk storytelling in action.
Wongawilli Colonial dance, music, poetry and yarns
Sydney Bush Music Club
Folkthings World Directory of Folk Arts
Folk e-zine/just about everything!
Kantele site (Finnish version of plucked dulcimer – you’ll need Finnish)
Newsletter of Folk Dance Australia
Trad and Now. Australian Folk magazine


Intellectual property and related issues

The International Protection of Expressions of Folklore under Intellectual Property Law (EU)
Report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights
Link to WIPO submissions on folklore and copyright, etc.
Paper on Australian Folklore and Intellectual property by Kamal Puri