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This is a ready to run Windows application. You can download a free demo now!

What does it Do?

The Erlang-G program is a utility of use in the Voice, Call Center, or Packetized Data Network industries, to help model traffic blockage (loss), and/or delays.

Generally it calculates one of the following (given the others):

  • Offered Traffic
  • Trunks (servers)
  • Blockage (loss)
  • Queue depth
  • Traffic per trunk (server)
  • Call Center Agents

in the following cases:

  • Infinite Sources
    • Blocked traffic lost    (Erlang B)
    • Blocked traffic held    (Poisson)
    • Blocked traffic delayed (Erlang C)
  • Finite Sources
    • Blocked traffic lost    (Engset)
    • Blocked traffic held    (Binomial)
    • Blocked traffic delayed (Delay)
  • Call Centers

Key Benefits

  • Supports Large Traffic (Erlang) levels.  Although you will find other Erlang applications (Books of tables, WWW based, Excel Add-ins, etc) the biggest drawback with these is that they do not support large traffic values. Erlang equations involve many terms which quickly overflow most calculations (e.g.. AN, where A = Traffic in erlangs, N = Number of circuits/servers). This is why WWW calculators (JAVA based) or Excel add-ins can not support high traffic levels. This program has taken custom steps to avoid such overflows, and yet still run efficiently.

  • Supports wide range of models. Other applications you can buy support only a limited range of models. This software supports all 6 possible combinations of source populations:
    Model Source Population Blocked calls ...
    Erlang B Infinite Lost
    Poisson Infinite Held
    Erlang C Infinite Delayed
    Engset Finite Lost
    Binomial Finite Held
    Delay Finite Delayed

  • Fast. The code has been tuned to run fast and efficiently.
  • Graphing Capability. The latest version (V4.05) allows you to display your results graphically, and see how sensitive your result is to more or less offered traffic, and more or less resources.
  • Graphical Call Center Tool included. This powerful Call Center Planning tool:
    • Calculates required numbers of Agents (people) and Incoming phone lines to match your requirements.
    • Plots results graphically. You can print this to your printer, or Cut & Paste into your favorite application.

Screen Shots

Have a look at some sample screens here. Or download your own free demo now.


You can purchase either:

  • New full licenses, 
  • Network Licenses
  • Upgrade licenses if you already have V2.x., or
  • Competitive Upgrade licenses, if you have a competitor's product.



Price (US$)

How to buy

Erlang-G single user license $30.00 ea

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Erlang-G Network License, Class C (254 addresses) $300.00 ea Request a Quote
Erlang-G Network License, Class B (65k addresses) $3000.00 ea Request a Quote

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