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Source Code

If you want to build your own application for a non-Windowstm environment, you can buy the source code used to create the Erlang Program. The code is standard ANSI-C and because it is modular, you only need to purchase the module (Erlang B, Erlang C, etc) you need.

Call Center Source Code now available

The Call-Center functionality (available in the Windows program) is now available as a new module.

Key Benefits

  • Write your own application for any operating system
    Because the source code is standard ANSI-C, you can compile and link into any application for any operating system. The source code contains only the math routines; there is no GUI or windowing code.

  • Save Time and Money. 
    Finding the equations is not that hard (See Recommended Reading). But solving these equations without numerical overflow is hard. And some equations have no simple solution; it is necessary to iterate to find an answer. All these problems are solved if you just purchase the required numerical source code modules. You will find it is cheaper than writing and debugging the code yourself.

  • Modular
    There a 7 modules you can buy; 1 for each of the models supported. (See What does it do?). You only need to buy what you need.

  • ANSI-C
    The code is portable "C" code
    . It has been successfully tested in the following environments:
    - Windows (Borland C/C++ compiler)
    - Linux - (Gnu gcc compiler)
    - SunOS - (Sun cc compiler)
    - Solaris - (Gnu gcc compiler)

Licensing Policy

Once you buy the code, you can use it any way you want. There are no royalties, or other per-copy charges.

Available Models and Functions

The source code modules contain the code used to build the Plug-Ins and the Window Program. The functions available in the Source Code modules are exactly the same as found in the DLL modules of the same name. Download the Source Code Demo Kit and see the included DLL Help file for full details on all functions and calling interfaces.

  • Erlang B
  • Poisson
  • Erlang C
  • Engset
  • Binomial
  • Delay
  • Call Center (Note: Requires Erlang C module, which must be purchased also)

Software Quality and Support

See the Source Code Support page to read why the code is top quality, and what customers think of the quality.

Free Demo Kit

A free demo kit has been prepared that allows you to test two things:

1. Will the source code from this site compile on my computer?
The demo kit includes a small, non-windows, demo program that you can compile, link, and run on your target computer. If this demo program builds OK, then so will the source code modules available from this site.

2. Will my computer support the full range of Erlang calculations?
Some internal calculations in the full Erlang source code require the extra range of 'long double' data types. When you run the demo program, it will print a report that advises if your compiler supports the required range.

Unix Demo Kit: This kit is a 'tar' file, including Unix-text format source files. It does not include the (Windows) Help Files.

Windows Demo Kit: This kit is a 'zip' file, including Microsoft-text format text files, and the Help Files.

Download a demo kit now.



Price (US$)

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Source code - Erlang-B Module $660.00 Shop Online
Source code - Poisson Module $660.00
Source code - Erlang-C Module $660.00
Source code - Engset Module $660.00
Source code - Binomial Module $660.00
Source code - Delay Module $660.00
Source code - Call Center Module (Requires Erlang-C Module) $330.00

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