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The VOIP Bandwidth Calculator is a Windows (tm) program. It runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, etc.

It is based on the 7-Layer OSI model, and allows you to enter a number of parameters that describe your VoIP design. The bandwidth at each OSI layer is then calculated.

Key Benefits:

  • Includes OSI Layers 7 to 2. 
    Layer-1 (Physical) does not need to be included as it can not add or subtract bandwidth.
  • Standard CODEC compressions included, plus you can customize with your own.
  • Voice Activity Detection (Silence Suppression) supported.
  • Intelligent processing that caters for protocols that add either a multiplier to all data, or fixed header sizes. 
  • Rules are included that correctly;
    • add pad (zero) bytes to Ethernet packets to meet the minimum packet size rule, and 
    • calculate the number of cells per ATM-AAL2 frame.
  • The following standards are included. If you use a standard that is not in this list, you can add it with the CUSTOM options.
  • G.711 PCM 64k
  • G.721 ADCPM 32k
  • G.726 ADCPM 40k
  • G.726 ADCPM 32k
  • G.726 ADCPM 24k
  • G.726 ADCPM 16k
  • G.723 obsolete 24k
  • G.723.1 ACELP 5.3k
  • G.723.1 MQ-CLP 6.3k
  • G.728 ldCELP 16k
  • G.729 CS-ACELP 8k
  • G.729E CS-ACELP 8k
  • G.729E CS-ACELP 11.8k
  • GSMFR 13.2k
  • Custom
Session, Transport, 
and Network 
  • CRTP
  • RTCP Real Time Control Protocol
  • Custom
Data Link 
  • ATM-AAL1
  • ATM-AAL2
  • ATM-AAL5
  • FR Frame Relay
  • PPP
  • ML-PPP (Long Sequence)
  • ML-PPP (Short Sequence)
  • 802.3 Ethernet
  • Custom

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As a Companion to Erlang-G

The VoIP calculator assumes you already know the number of required voice channels. What if you don't already know?

Use the companion Erlang-G product!  

The following flowchart summarizes the process.

Customer Feedback

Here is what one customer had to say about the product and support.

"Working as a Voice Engineer for Unisys, I need to constantly be on top of the latest VoIP technologies and applications that are being researched and developed. I found the "Voice over IP" Calculators and detailed explanations of their functions from this website to be an excellent resource for helping me understand how existing traffic modeling interacts with Voice over IP, and the feedback from this site's related forum to be an equally useful tool where others like myself can collaborate on new and old ideas.

Thanks Robert,

Adam J. Geffner"



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