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There is a range of Erlang Software Products

Erlang-G Program 
This is a ready to run Windows application (Erlang-G). You can download a 30-day demo for free now! 
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Erlang-P Program 
This is a ready to run Palm Pilot (tm) application (Erlang-GP. You can download a 30-day demo for free now! 
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Traffic Program
A standard Windows program that allows you to model real-world problems that cannot be solved using Erlang-G. Based on 'Monte-Carlo' simulation techniques. 
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Erlang Plug-Ins
Lets you add Erlang capability to your MS-Excel spreadsheet, MS-Access database, etc. Or, you can build your own Windowstm application (Visual Basic, ANSI-C/C++, ...). You will find the hardest part of adding erlang calculation functionality is writing the mathematical code so that you don't get underflows and overflows. The simplest way to solve this problem is to buy some Plug-Ins (pre-complied DLLs). These DLLs use exactly the same source code used in the Erlang Windows Program but because they are pre-complied, integrating into your application is easy.
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Erlang Model Source Code
If you want to build your own application for a non-Windowstm environment, you can buy the source code used to create the Erlang-G Program and the Plug-Ins . The code is standard ANSI-C and because it is modular, you only need to purchase the module (Erlang B, Erlang C, etc) you need.
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Equations Reference Document
If you want a document describing the equations behind the Erlang-G software, this is for you.
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Voice Over IP Bandwidth Calculator
This is a companion program to help you determine the bandwidth required to support any number of compressed voice channels over a network.
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