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Where do I get it? This is a ready to run Windows application. You can download a free demo now!

Version 3 is now available. See New Features in V3.

Key Benefits

  • Models problems that cannot be solved with classic 'Erlang' equations. While the 'Erlang' equations solve many cases that fall neatly into the assumptions embedded within each Erlang equation, there are many real-world cases that cannot be solved with any equation. For these cases, the only practical solution is to 'simulate' the problem. 

    One classic problem that cannot be solved with products like Erlang-G is the Phone+Fax+Email Call Center, where each incoming request has a different priority and/or SLA (Service Level Agreement) specifying how fast the reply is needed. 

  • Human Behaviors supported:
    Many simulation programs are designed to support widgets flowing through a factory process. They do not support human behaviors that must be considered when modeling many cases. The human behaviors supported by the Traffic Program include:
    • Patient Requests: That will wait as long as it takes in queues and servers 
    • Impatient Requests: That will leave a queue and/or a server after a specified time
    • Baulking Requests: That refuse to join a queue
    • Priorities: Any number of different priorities is supported. This allow you to specify a common server set (e.g. Call Center Agents) to service different types of incoming requests (e.g. Phone, Fax, and Email)
    • SLA (Service Level Agreements): You can enter SLAs in terms like '85% of these request to wait less than 120 seconds'.

  • Graphs and Histograms of dynamic values:
    You can display, cut & paste, or print plots of critical results such as Queue Length vs. Time. This allows you to analyze the dynamic responses of your models.

  • Large sets of Servers supported:
    You can very easily define a set of any number of IDENTICAL servers. A Server can be a phone line, a human call center agent, etc. Other simulation programs insist you define servers individually - a daunting task for a Call Center with (say) 100+ operators! 

  • No Programming required:
    Many simulation programs require the user to write a program in a scripting language to define the behavior of model objects. The Traffic program requires no such programming.

  • Graphical User Interface:
    The Traffic program has a simple drag-and-drop user interface. Building and modifying models is very easy.

  • Unlimited Size:
    The Traffic program has no pre-determined limits on the complexity of your model. Models of truly huge size can be built. The simulation supports time intervals of up to 4000 million seconds, which is more than 120 YEARS!

  • Fast. The code has been tuned to run fast and efficiently.

Files saved by TRAFFIC Version 3 CAN NOT be read by TRAFFIC Version 2. If you have any existing V2 TRAFFIC model (*.tmo) files, make a BACKUP COPY of these files before opening with the new version.

New Features in V3

    Traffic now includes support for
    resources, that can be allocated (and returned) as required. This feature expands further the range of real-world problems that can be modeled.

  • COSTS: 
    All objects can now be responsible for a total simulation COST. Costs may reflect a real monetary expense (in any currency you like), or may be used to reflect a notional 'cost' that may not be money related.

    Many customers have requested that traffic can 'solve' for the optimum value of some parameter. V3.x will allow you to automate a series of simulation runs, and each run will be executed with a different value of some object property you specify. At the end of the series of simulation runs, a plot of COST vs <Chosen Property> allows you to choose the 'optimum' results.

  • FILTERED REPORTS: The Structure and Result views can now be filtered by object type and name to restrict these views to objects of interest.

  • PROPERTIES, STRUCTURE, AND RESULTS TEXT FILES: These details can now be saved in Comma (CSV) or Tab delimited files, simplifying importing into a spreadsheet or word processor.

  • CUT & PASTE FOR RESULTS. Object results can now be cut & pasted with a mouse.

Screen Shots

Have a look at some sample screens here. Or download your own free demo now.


Please visit the Traffic Support page.


You can purchase either:

  • New full licenses, or
  • Upgrades from a previous version, or
  • Competitive Upgrade licenses, if you have a competitor's product.
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