I'm really big into old video game/computer emulators at the moment. The following links will provide you with some wicked emulators for the Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64, Vic 20, Atari 2600, Colecovision, Vetrex and many many more.

My favourite emulator at the moment is the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) which along with links to over 3000 games images can be found at . . .

Arcade At Home

This emulator is constantly under development and continues to support more and more games. Not all games are 100% correct (i.e.. the colours may be wrong, no sound, etc..) but for those old enough to remember the older classic games, it's a trippy blast to the past.
(A Good processor is recommended for maximum emulation enjoyment)

Many other Single Machine and Multiple arcade machine emulators can be found there also. There are also lots of Console emulators (NES, Gameboy etc..) but I don't really get into those as much as the Arcade and Computer emulators.

Check out the NEOGEO, RAINE and CAPCOM Emulators though these are increasingly being swallowed up into Mame.


I am also have my own Mame arcade cabinet under development.
Check it out here (link)


Arcade Links

Your one-stop arcade rom resource
(Well not any more)

Neogeo Emulation Epicenter

Emulation eXcitement
Rom Images


The official MAME home page
The place where it all began

MAME32 (Direct X version)
and mame screen shot archive

JoseQ's EmuViews
Lots of Rom images for various emulators

Your stop emulation site

Amiga Links

WinUAE (Amiga Emulator)
The Best windows Amiga Emulator..Basically Perfect.

Monroeworld (Insert Coin) / Retro Radio
Home of Retro Radio and Classic Gaming Portal


Back to the Roots (Amiga Emulation)
Lots of Amiga Images (Games/Demos)

Commodore 64 Links

CCS64 (Emulator)
Good Commodore 64 Emulator

LEMON - The 64 Game Source
Lots of rare 64 images


Commodore 64 Internet Archive
Plenty of 64 stuff here