Me and my cat Monty!
Me and my Cat Monty (He's a Very Big Boy)

About Me
G'day! Welcome to my Web page which contains links to some of my favorite interests and hobbies.

I work as a professional Software Engineer and have worked for company's such ERG programming the latest in smart card technology and Motorola (also in smart cards). I primary worked on Embedded Systems though these days I'm a professional openGL programmer. I have also developed commercial Poker/Gambling Machines in use throughout Australia. I'm lucky enough to be a registered nVidia developer and have had some of my stuff shown at Siggraph (computer graphics expo). In my past I wrote several Games and Demos on the Amiga which I was pleased with. These days I've progressed to the PC and am working on Development of Future Pinball which runs under Windows and openGL.

I also do some Web Page Design and Enjoy Flight/Racing Simulators.

A Past Project of mine was a Windows version of the 64 Classic Jumpman by Randy Glover for which Randy gave me full permission to do. Click Jumpman to visit my 'Jumpman - Under Construction' page.

Click on Game History to view some of the things I've done in the past or Picture Gallery to view some favorite pictures of myself and of old friends.

Pictures of Me and Some of my Friends
A bit of Game History
My Personal Resume

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