Development Diary Archives - July 2003

27th July 2003 - Build 1.726


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Jumpman - Under Construction

Please Note, that in this release you will only be able to play individual levels (one at a time) as the game engine hasn't been completed yet (intro, menu, high scores etc..).

The Editor is fully functional for all the objects that have been programmed into it.

This will be more than enough to create your own Games/Levels and learn how the program works. I have tried to make it as intuitive and as simple as I could but still allow a reasonable amount of flexibility in it.

Download and Enjoy.

Be sure to read though the comprehensive help documents on this site..
They explain how every object works and how to control the editor.

Post any Comments or Questions about Jumpman-UC at the forums or just come in
and show your support..

Many Thanks to Randy Glover for giving me permission to use the Jumpman Theme.
Without him this product wouldn't exist. From everybody who loves Jumpman.

..Thanks Randy..

20th July 2003 - Build 1.717

Not A great deal to show this week apart from the funny t-shirt.

Work has been going very well on the Help Documentation and all the objects have been done now.. I just have to do the menu items (which won't be that hard) and then I can call that finished.. When it is finished, then it's just a case of adding to it when I add in new objects or enhance existing objects.

Did spend a bit of time working out how to do Hot Foot and Blackout (or any other level that starts off completely dark). Going to use the openGL Stencil buffer for both of them but it does impact quiet a bit on performance.. about 20%. I'm still getting over 250fps with it on anyway so I don't think it will be too much of a problem.

Did find a 64 game which is extremely Like Jumpman called Ultimate Wizard. Although it looks quiet different the way the character interacts with the level is almost the same.

The Final (hopefully) Build of the EXE and Installer has been done and my testers are testing it. So by this time next week.. Beta 1 will be out for you all to play..

Today I'm back onto more HTML (it does get to you after a while but it has to be done) and looking forward to watching Silverstone tonight (F1).

13th July 2003 - Build 711

First of All, Sorry for the Lack of updates last week.. I was away in York for the 'Festival of Motoring' (for which I help run) and when I came back my ISP was having huge FTP problems so I decided not to bother..


I had a LOT of fun last weekend.. My Dad and I went up to the York Motor Museum to spend a day (or 2 ) Getting the cars ready for parading around the streets.. Unlike most motor museums, most cars at York are up and running. We did spend a lot of time working on the 1913 Baby Peugeot 1, trying to work out why it was loosing it's spark.. We worked it out (using a Benz 1 replica as a spark generator ??) and fashioned the required parts. There was then a problem with the fuel injector in the carburetor. Sadly we couldn't get it running this year but it will be going for the next festival.. This car has not been driven for over 50 years and was used in World War 1. (Hence why it is camouflage). I then spent the next day helping drive cars around the streets and spent extra attention on my baby.. A little Honda Sports 800..

1913 Baby Peugeot 1


Honda Sports 800cc. 4 Carburetors. 150kph..

Anyway.. Back to Jumpman..


Put in the Library Resource Manager. This allows me (and you) to store Graphics, Sounds and Music in separate files to the main Game file. This saves a LOT of space if multiple games files (for instance Jumpman and Jumpman Jr) use common graphics/sounds/music.. The Elements in the Library(s) are loaded when the Game loads.


Probably the thing that took up most of the first week was the implementation of the Robot Object and more specifically the Pathing system. This allows the Robot (or object) to follow a path traced out in the editor. (Called Path Points).

Below is a screenshot of the Robots I level with the Path Points.

Robots I.

Each Path Point is Numbered so the Route can be easily visualized. The Path Points with the dotted square around them are called 'Way Points'. The Object can be commanded to stop at a Way Point and await a script command to tell it to move to the next one.

When an object reaches the end of it's path it can either, restart from the beginning, go back in reverse or just stop.. The same system will be used for the moving platforms and ladders (and other objects).

Adding a New Path Point

Path Points can be added by clicking on a point and using the sub-menu to make a new point.. It can then be dragged anywhere on the map. Simple to use. Path Points unlike other objects can be dragged off the map so an object can smoothly move off the screen.


Also got the Installer up and running. I'm using INNO setup (link) which is a great little package and completely free.

The First Screen of the Jumpman Installer


Got the first 2 Levels of Jumpman Jr. done.. This meant putting in the Fire object which is just a stationary object that kills jumpman if he touches it.. Would be cool to have a water leak type graphic as an alternative..

Burn Baby Burn..

I've also been playing a bit of the Atari version of Jumpman.. There are a lot of subtle differences which hopefully I will put in at some point.. At the moment.. I'm just concentrating on getting the 64 stuff done.


Managed to fix the only known Memory Leak. It occured when I created a new object and then undid (via undo) it. No more leaks. Yippie!

Also fixed a few Issue's on my List.. The List is now empty..

Found a nice SID player which allowed me to extract all the Sounds from both Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. Came up with much crisper sounding sounds than what I had.


This week I spent a LOT of time working on all the help documentation (press the Help Doc's button on the menu (but only when you have finished reading this )). I've only just started but I've documented quiet a few of the objects.. Just click on them and find out which ones I've done .. I think you will find them extremely helpfull.. It's a lot of work getting them all set up.. As I add new objects then part of that process will be updating the help pages.. I've already done the new Fire object I added this week.

When I am happy with the Help Docs then I will be releasing the first Public Beta of Jumpman.. It won't be long now guys..

I've also changed the Chat room to use a PHP script (many thanks to Apoc) which means it will work behind a firewall and doesn't require the Java IRC applet which a few people where having problems with.