Development Diary Archives - August 2003

17th August 2003 - Build 1.816

Didn't get around to making a Diary update last week for various reasons.. Now that most of the interesting stuff of the development is done (which it changes rapidly) I will update the WIP diary every 2 weeks unless something interesting happens.. I am updating my progress on the forum every few days though..

Been a good few weeks for Jumpman. People are starting to use it.. There are a few new levels out now that people had done and the Editor has had some good reviews/comments on some sites.


Last Dairy Entry I said I was going to redo the lift collision mechanism and that I did.. It was a bit of work as I haven't looked at the Jumpman collision stuff for a while now (plus it's rather large) but I worked out a way to integrate 'rideable' objects into it aswell as the background object collision (girders, ladders etc..) which use the cell map. The Lift works great now and when I do the moving ladder (Sreddal, Ladders spelt backwards ) it will slot in reasonably simply.


Apoc suggested that I put in a timer object where a Scriptlet can be run after a period of time (or at regular intervals) so I enhanced the Trigger object to also include a Timer function.

A Timer is drawn with a Circle around the T instead of the box (so it looks like a clock I guess!)

It can be used to make objects vanish and reappear, or help delay the start of objects aswell plus other uses that people can think off..


I wanted to put in a another bomb type which would be a generic collectable. I am using these for Grand Puzzle II for the Trumpet, Viking Hat, Diamond etc.. as collectable's can be definable in size. They can also be marked as Having to be collected (is part of the overall bomb count) or just a bonus item which if collected, adds some bonus points.. you can use them to put bonus coins on a level or whatever..

Like Bombs (which is what they are based on) they also can run a scriptlet to help make the level more interesting.

I noticed that in a few levels, Jumpman can't collect a bomb when he is falling so added that option to both the bomb and the collectable objects.


Also put in the Doors from Grand Puzzle II. These are fixed sized objects which can either open, close or alternate much like the originals.

This gave me what I needed to do to complete GPII after a bit of scripting to get the level playing correctly.

Grand Puzzle II in the Editor

The bottom row of triggers ensure that the bottom doors close when Jumpman goes near them (or falls down near it). I actually used a Timer to make the door actions at the start of the level the same as the original.

Grand Puzzle II at run-time

Falling Girders

Enhanced the girders so they can fall from their position and crash into anther girder (from Look out Below). Unlike the original, I couldn't make it have a follow on effect due to the complexity's of the editor and that I'm not character based like the original.. The effect works great as it is so its one of those things I have to live with.


Got in HailStones (and HellStones) which are great little objects.. I had a lot of fun doing this object as it had some interesting collision detection with the background. For instance.. It would bounce though girders at regular intervals but if it hit a ladder then it would bounce differently if it hits the edge of the ladder or the bar of the ladder.. Anyway I got it working so if it falls down in the middle of the ladder it bounces from rung to rung.. Looks really cool..

HellStones (Jumpman Jr) bounce towards the player so they home in as such.. I noticed that 2 of the Hellstones would bounce through girders and 2 didn't so added in that option to the Hailstone object. This allows the stone to bounce above you waiting for you to get there.


Spent a while adding in more and more levels.. Got a lot more in now minus the special bits I need to do from each of them so things are starting to get there.

The Toolbar is starting to look a little fuller now.. I also redid a few graphics using my limited graphic ability.

At the moment I am working on Runaway and enhancing the bombs for that.. The Bomb Dialog is starting to get a little full now with all the properties.

3rd August 2003 - Build 1.731

Had some nice feedback since beta 1 was release and not too many bug reports (though most people send them via email instead of using the forum but you get that..) Had over 600 hits since last week so hopefully there are a lot of happy campers out there.

Been having a quiet week away from the computer this week.. giving myself a bit of a rest from all the jumpman programming.. still didn't mean I didn't do any

Worked on the Level Blackout which starts off with the level blacked out except where Jumpman Is. As you move around, it reveals more of the level. (The size of the reveal circle is adjustable)

Reveal Diameter Size in Editor and in the Game

If you have bullets or monsters in the level then they are also 'hidden' until they enter an area where you have been (and can see).. For those interested in the technical level, I am using the Stencil buffer to achieve that effect.

Also started putting in the Lift object which like Robots, follows a set of path points;

And Rendered in the Game..

I actually had jumpman riding around on the lift (a bit jerky though) but have decided that I need to think of a better way as both the lifts and moving ladders need to move jumpman smoothly around the level so its back to the drawing board design a different collision system for the sprites.