Development Diary Archives - October 2003

19th October 2003 - Build 2.1017

Released Beta 2 a few days ago and so far seems a few people are downloading it.. no much in the way of feedback but hey.. you get that..

You can get BETA 2 via the download section.

Probably be working on the partical system this week for the game complete sequence..

Enjoy Beta 2 and don't forget that you can get user created games at either the Forum or Randys Jumpman-UC Download Site.

5th October 2003 - Build 1.930

2 Weeks ago. I was ago I was on penicillin. This week I got a bad case of food poising and found out I was allergic to something, which was news to me as I've basically eating one of everything on this planet.. Allwell.. I used to be so healthy.. Getting old I guess..

Got a nice 17" TFT monitor this week.. extreamly clear at 1280x1024. Thats my new toy for this week..

Well the first most important news is that Randy Glover has created a game download site for people to upload their game files to and for others to download them (link). It's still very new, but I thank Randy very much for giving the support he has to Jumpman 20 years on.

Got in all of the High Score Entry stuff.. Like the Original, it keeps the Top 20 Score's and Bonus's of each game in a separate high score table. Added a 'time-out' function to the menu stuff so if the player doesn't select anything for a while it will display the high scores for the loaded game file.

I also keep the average speed, the total play time taken and the number of lives lost.. Pressing F9 will bring up that information.

Thanks to the forum there was a lot of discussion about what to do with those fields. It's still on going but I am collecting them for future use anyway..

Got in some new buttons for 'Play Game' and 'Test Level' done.. (yeah I know really exiting stuff)

And speaking about exciting stuff.. here is the most boring screen in the game..

I did play with a fireworks particle system for the game completed cut-scenes but I don't think I will get it into Beta 2. I want to get in all the other modes now and the last one is basically the end of level/game bonus based on the number of lives you have when you complete the game..

Did expand the game options to support Low Quality textures (with the default being High). What this does is halve the size of each texture before it is given to openGL.. This effectively reduces the total texture memory needed by 4 to help people with old video cards though as all the menu stuff is very heavily relient on alpha/blending effects I'm not sure it will help much.. You really can see the difference with High Qualify turned off..

I'm aiming to getting out Beta 2 very shortly.. I just have to keep on checking everything and making sure the game player is working correctly for all the different combinations. I've fixed a few bugs during this process..

The only 2 things I want to add in before BETA 2 is End of Level/Game bonus stuff and joypad support.. Will probably update the help docs after Beta 2 has been released.