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30th November 2003 - Build 2.1123

Spent a long time putting in the Dragon Object for Dragon Slayer. This required writing some quiet complex though nice code to allow child objects of a parent object to be scriptable.

Why is this you ask ?? (if you actually give a toss)..

Well Dragons move via Goto Points. Goto Points are a bit like path points in how you lay them out in the editor but work completely differently in the game.. Basically they are completely script driven. Each spot must tell it's parent monster how to move.. this allows for some desision process to be made by the script before telling the Dragon where to goto next.

You can see from the following picture, each goto spot draws a line between everyother goto spot on the level as each dragon can move to any spot on the screen unlike path points where it follows a linear path.

The Goto Spot Web

Can't tell you how much work this object was.. Add that the time to do the level (where the girder mounds reduce every 3 times you kill a dragon) and adding the 'Throw' ability to the Player it took well over a week to do..

Fixed up a problem I had with riding moving ladders..

Freeze and Now You See It.. are the next levels on my list..

At the moment I've basically stoped working on getting the objects in Jumpman Jr into JUC.. I just want to finish up the Jumpman Levels. Jumpman Jr. Will not be included with the next release of JUC..

Been playing a lot of 'Call of Duty'. Talk about a game that really pulls you into it.. I've played a lot of Flash Point and COD totally beats that for realism and story.. May we never forget the people that died so we can enjoy life today..

I did do something comletely different this week and did a bit of 3d modeling as that is something that I want to get slowly into.. Spent a good few hours working on the following 3d model.. A Pinball Jet Bumper (yeah I know my textures suck)..

17th November 2003 - Build 2.1112

Sorry for the delay in the WIP.. Had a very busy weekend. Worked most of it and am currently doing a 10 day shift so it's not giving me a lot of spare time..

Did buy an old Pinball Last Week.. A Williams Space Station.. I uploaded a heap of pics of it here. As you can see she needs a LOT of work but she basically works.. I've started to strip her down and have ordered some replacement parts already..

My Computer has also been giving me the shits.. So Imaged my Windows drive, Did a clean install.. Found that the clean install didn't work ??? and went back to the Image I made so I lost half a day doing that.. For some reason Internet Explorer won't go to a new page when it pops up in a new window.. It opens the window but does nothing after that.. ARGH!!..

Upgraded my DSL to 512 so I can now waste time twice as fast!

Got quiet a few levels done last week on Jumpman.. Got in another 6 Levels into Jumpman and 2 more into Jumpman-Jr..

Ladder Challenge

Figure It!

Jump and Run


Now You See It... Going Down

This involved putting in the sreddal object which is just a moving Ladder (spelt backwards) which was a bit of fun.. Took a day to get the interaction collision code working just right.. The Ladder (and their are 3 of them) in Ladder Challenge requires quiet a few path points..

For Now You See It.. I added some global script commands to Hide All the Girders (or Ropes, Chains, Ladders etc..)

I also fixed up 2 issues with Jumping upwards and falling though a girder.. Was a rare error but it did happen occasionally. mainly on slower machines (I noticed it while I was encoding a video (Ie. my CPU was very busy)). Also fixed up another interaction case that I had only just noticed so Jumpman is getting very close to behaving how he should..

Played the rest of the original Jumpman Levels and worked out a list of the things I still need to implement. Still a few but I've managed to tick a few of them off.. The rest of the stuff is mainly new objects.

I played around with the path point system for a while. Added in a few new features and niceties. I wanted to add scripting support for it but because I didn't ask for it when I used the VC ATL com wizard to create the object.. It wouldn't let me add it in later so I had to remove it all from the project, comment out a heap of code.. and re-add it in.. I was thinking that I could use it for Dragon Slayer along with expanding it to handle Junctions.. This turned out to be WAY too complex due to all the recursion with split path points and the complexity for the user to control. I sat there for a day all depressed about how to do it when I thought about 'Goto points..' basically like path points but you tell an object to goto point X.. It will then goto that point (in a straight line from where it is). So it does mean that moving that object will be entirely script driven but it will allow for decisions to be made along the way..

Have fun Guys..

2nd November 2003 - Build 2.1101

Been taking the last 2 weeks very easy as far as Jumpman has been concerned. Nearly 600 downloads of it so far which isn't too bad.. hopefully people are doing something with it.

I did release the Texture Loader that I've written for Jumpman. This can be found here Texture Loader. So far its had 800 visits which isn't too bad for a small bit of code.. Its purely for you openGL programmers (if there are any who read this diary).

I also had some training on the use of Apostrophes by a guy on the forum.. hopefully I actually learnt something..

So what have I been doing ??.. Well I got a new Digital Cameral (3.2 megapixel) which also takes movies.. A DVD burner and a new 2700XP Athlon processor (got that for free). Also had some workmen drilling big holes in my house and fitting some more air-conditioning. Work has also been hard and hasn't left me much free time.

But the last few days I did get back into Jumpman and last week I did train my particle system to draw lovely pictures..

Probably will use that as a background for the High Score table. The static picture doesn't do it justice as it looks wicked as the particles spark off in Jumpman's shape. Did get the main particle fireworks into the main code and started adding sound effects for it.

Also started adding in the first new object into the editor for quiet a while. Sreddal (or Moving Ladders) which work like Lifts but can be climbed up and down on as it moves around the screen). I also have to make up a list of all the things I am missing from the original Jumpman game so I can start implementing them and ticking them off.

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