• Jumpman - Under Construction

20 Years after the Original comes the remake,

Jumpman - Under Construction - Beta 1 was released 17th October 2003.


Jumpman - Under Construction - Beta 3 (.1225)
(3.4 Megs)

You will need Windows 98 and Direct X 7 (or greater) to run Jumpman-UC aswell as
a openGL 1.1 complient 3D graphics card and Direct X 7.

Changes since Beta 2


Fixed problem with blackout and hotfoot not working correctly when testing a level (wasn't loading the texures)

Fixed problem with being able to climbing a ladder with a single missing peice.

Fixed a problem with jumping up and falling though girders (rare problem)

Added Add Waypoint to Path Point sub-menu

Creating a new path point (or waypoint) will make it active in the editor.

Added Firework Partical System to Jumpman (not used yet)

Added Goto Points and Scripting Ability for them (a lot of work that one).

The Following New Objects have been Added;

Sreddal (Moving Ladders)
Dragons (Move via Goto Points)

The Following Levels Have Been Added;

Ladder Challenge (Jumpman)
Figure It! (Jumpman)
Jump And Run (Jumpman)
Jungle (Jumpman)
Going Down (Jumpman)
Now You See It (Jumpman)
Dragons Slayer (Jumpman)

The Following Enhancements to existing objects have been added;

Player Can Now Throw Objects (Dragon Slayer)
New Option to disable Jumping Left or Right (but not Upwards) for Player
Can Read the Cell X / Y position of the Player (.X and .Y Properties)

Added HideAllGirders, HideAllBombs, HideAllLadders, HideAllRopes and HideAllChains properties for the global script

Added R4 - R7 Global Registers to the Script

Individual Scriplet sizes are now 1K.. (The edit box will now also stop you at 1K)


The Editor is fully functional for all the objects that have been programmed into it. This will be more than enough to create your own Games/Levels and learn how the program works. I have tried to make it as intuitive and as simple as I could but still allow a reasonable amount of flexibility in it.

A Conversion of the original Jumpman Game file is included with Jumpman-UC.
(6 Levels are still missing)
Theis game file will be expanded by Myself with further releases of the program.

Download and Enjoy.

Be sure to read though the comprehensive help documents on this site..
They explain how every object works and how to control the editor.

Post any Comments or Questions about Jumpman-UC at the forums or just come in and show your support..

Many Thanks to Randy Glover for giving me permission to use the Jumpman Theme.
Without him this product wouldn't exist. From everybody who loves Jumpman.

Thanks Randy

This software is Freeware.

It is not Public Domain.

This means that you are free to download and install this software on your computer(s).

I am happy for you to give this game to your friends as long as you give them the original installer. You are not allowed to put this software on a compilation CD or distribute it in any way for profit in part or whole.

If you would like to include this game on your website, please link to this page unless I have made alternate arrangements with you.


• Visual Basic Scripting Help Files

Jumpman - Under Construction uses the inbuilt Visual Basic Scripting Language in Windows.

If you want more information about this aswell as how to program for it then you can either visit the

MSDN - Visual Basic Scripting Reference Guide (on line)


Download the help file (just double click to run)


• Original Randy Glover Jumpman Images

You can also play the original games as written by Randy Glover for either the Atari 800 or the Commodore 64.

Click on a Screen shot below to download the original Jumpman Games. You will need to play these under

a emulator (links provided).



Atari 800
(Atari800Win Emulator)

  Commodore 64
(Vice64 Emulator)

Jumpman Jr.

Commodore 64
Jumpman Jr.
(Vice64 Emulator)
  Atari 800
Jumpman Jr.
(Atari800Win Emulator)
Jumpman Jr.
(VirtualColeco Emulator)


• openGL - Texture Loader

My Texture Loader (as used in Jumpman) is free for download and use in your own projects.

It supports -

It can be downloaded (here) and includes all relevant documentation.