This Button Allows you to play the Currently Active Level in the Editor.

At The Moment (for BETA 1) only the Level Player is active. Clicking this button will only play a single level, loosing a life will NOT reduce the Lives count when you loose a Life.. Also when a level is completed, it will restart the same level again from the beginning.. (This is to allow you to test various aspects of the level by completing things in a different order).

It will will also bypass the Game introduction and Menus. it is not possible to get a high score while playing a single level.

The Game Player (Intro, Menu, Game Completion, High Scores etc..)
will be worked on in future versions of the BETA


Video Rendering

The Game Engine will run Jumpman in the currently specified Video Options. These are defined under the menu Preferences by selected the Game Options... item (link). If you are playing in Full Screen mode then you video monitor will flicker as it changes Video Resolutions.

Example of Jumpman-UC running in windowed mode at 640x400


Game Keys

The Game Engine also uses the keys defined in Game Keys... under the preferences menu (link) to control the Player.

In inclusion to those keys, Jumpman-UC also contains the following hard-coded keys.


Pressing ESC while the game is playing will stop all Sounds/Music and bring up the following Dialog;

Game Pause Dialog

Selecting "Resume Game" will un-pause the game, restart any sounds that where playing and allow you to continue Jumping and collecting Bombs.

"Return to Editor" will exit the game immediately and revert back to the Game/Level Editor.

1 To 8

Pressing 1 to 8 while the game is playing will change the run-speed of the game engine.. the higher the value the slower things will run (and animate).

The Change in Run-Speed will not occur until Jumpman looses a Life and is respawned.


This will show the current FPS (Frames Per Second) the game engine is currently running at. This is displayed in red text in the top left corner (as pictured below)

it is important to Note that your video card my be limited to a fixed FPS as it is waiting for the Vertical Sync to occur before it allows the game engine to continue. Most Video card drivers allow you to turn this option on or off.


Score Panel

The score panel (rendered as per the Commodore 64 version of Jumpman) shows the following information;

JUMPMAN The number of Lives left for Jumpman.. When the Lives reaches zero then the game is over.
SCORE The Score for the Current Player
LEVEL The Level Index (into the Game File) of the current level Playing.
PLAYER The Current Player playing. There can be a maximum of 4 Players playing the same game, taking turns when one player completes a level.
RUN SPEED The Current Run-Speed of the Game Engine. Jumpman Allows you to slow down (or make faster) the game play by pressing a key between 1 and 8 on the keyboard.. Speed 1 is very fast while speed 8 is extremely slow. The default game speed is 3. If you are new to Jumpman you may want to slow things down as you learn the game.
BONUS The Bonus amount which is added to the score when the level has been completed. This value reduces every few seconds (by 100 points). It is not effected by the Run-Speed value so playing at a faster speed will (hopefully) give you more bonus points.