The Selection Tool is the Main tool that you will be using in Jumpman - Under Construction. It allows you to select object to either move them around the screen or edit properties of the object via the property window.

Selecting Objects

When you select an object(s) in the editor, the active object will be drawn with a Red outline around the objects shape. (as pictured below);

Holding down the left Mouse Button while an object is selected, will allow you to drag the object around the level map.

When an object(s) is selected, using the Cursor Keys will move the object 1 map cell in the direction pressed.

It is not possible to move objects off the level map. (unless the object allows it (and only a few do)).

When you move objects (or edit their properties), then the change will be remembered and can be Un-done via either the Undo menu item under the Edit Menu (link) or by pressing both Control and Z at the same time.

If you have a Wheel Mouse, the using the wheel will scroll the level up and down.


Copy, Paste and Deleting Objects


When an object(s) is selected, it can be copied into the clipboard.. This allows you to copy objects (make duplicates of them). To copy the selected object either choose the Copy menu item under the Edit Menu (link) or press both Control and C at the same time.


To Paste new objects from the Clipboard onto the Level either choose the Paste menu item under the Edit Menu (link) or press both Control and V at the same time. Objects 'Pasted' into the level will be placed OVER their parent object. You must then click on the newly created object and move them to the position you want them to be at. The New object(s) will have exactly the same properties as the originals so once an object has been set up as you like it, then it can be duplicated over and over again.

It is not Possible to Copy the name of the Object. This has be the Generated to ensure uniqueness for the scripting language.

The Clipboard is valid for the life of the Editor (until you close it down).. So you can load up multiple games and copy objects from one game to another or from level to level.


To Delete an object(s), just selected them and press either the Delete menu item under the Edit Menu (link) or press the Delete key on the keyboard.

It is not possible to delete the Jumpman Player object aswell as the Last Bomb on a level. Warning Dialogs will be brought up if you attempt just that.



The Editor Allows you to Multi-Select objects. This can be done by two methods.

First Hold down the Left Mouse button in a blank area and move the pointer so the selection box contains the objects to wish to select.

Alternatively, Hold down the Shift key and individually click on the objects to want to multi-select.

When multiple objects are selected, each one is drawn with a Red Line outline (as pictured below);

If multiples of the Same type of object are selected (in this example, 2 bombs), Then the Property dialog window will change title to reflect that 2 items of the same type have been selected.

This allows you to change the objects properties for all the objects selected. For example setting the sprite image will set the sprite image for ALL the objects selected.

The Name field is disables as each object must have a unique name.

You can select objects of different types if you wish (to copy sections of a level for example)

If you do this then the property dialog window will be disables and the following message displayed.


Changing Draw Order in the Editor

The Editor will always render newly created objects over older ones.. Sometimes though for purely cosmetic reasons you may want to send objects either to the back or to the front to change how they are drawn.

To do this click on the object who's draw order you want to change and right click on the mouse button. Selecting the Draw In Front menu item will ensure the the object is drawn last this making it appear over the top of any other objects it may overlap.

Changing the Order of how objects are drawn in the Editor
doesn't impact on how it is drawn in the game-engine.

The Game Engine will always draw all Girders first,
followed by Ladders, Ropes and Chains followed by any
Dynamic Object (Bullets, Monsters, Platforms etc..)

Before and After when Drawing In Front;


Before and After when Drawing In Back;



Object Locking

The Editor Also allows for Objects to be Locked. This stops an object from being accidentally moved. Locking an object does NOT stop it's properties being edited.

To Lock an object, select the object you wish, then via the right mouse button select the 'Lock' menu item.

When an object is Locked, it is drawn with a Gray outline instead of Red. The Lock menu item will also have a tick next to it (as pictured below)

Even if the object is not selected, it will still have a thin gray outline around it to let you know that it has been locked.