Navigation: Undo, Copy, Paste, Delete

The Edit Menu allows you to Undo changes to the Level aswell as Copy, Paste or Delete objects from the currently active level in the Editor.

Clicking on Edit will bring up the following menu list;


The Editor will remember most changes that you make to objects (either in their position, one of their properties or the fact that you actually created an object.

The Undo facility allows you to undo any changes made. It works much like any other undo system in any other program. The Editor will remember the last 20 changes done to various objects.

To undo a change, either click on the Undo menu item or hold down Control and Z on the Keyboard.


Changes to Path Points (as used by Lifts, Robots etc.) are not kept by the Undo System.

Hey you can't have everything!..


Selecting an object (or Multiple Objects) and then either clicking on the Copy menu item or holding down Control and C on the Keyboard will copy the objects into the Clipboard where they can be pasted either onto the same level or another level (or even another game).


To Paste Objects from the Clipboard onto the Level either choose the Paste menu item or press both Control and V at the same time. Objects 'Pasted' into the current level will be placed OVER their parent object (in the same position). You must then click on the newly created object and move them to the position you want them to be at. The New object(s) will have exactly the same properties as the originals so once an object has been set up as you like it, then it can be duplicated over and over again.

It is not Possible to Copy the name of the Object. This has be the Generated to ensure uniqueness for the scripting language.

The Clipboard is valid for the life of the Editor (until you close it down).. So you can load up multiple games and copy objects from one game to another or from level to level.


Selecting an object (or Multiple Objects) and then either clicking on the Delete menu item or pressing Delete on the keyboard will delete the selected object.

If you accidentally delete something you didn't want to then use the Undo feature of the editor.