Navigation: Game Keys, Game Options

The Prefs Menu allows to set the preferences of both the Editor and The Game Player. This allows you to customize it how you want it. This includes Game Keys, Video Resolution, Sound Levels etc..

Clicking on Preferences will bring up the following menu list;

The menu is active at all times.

Game Keys...

Brings up the following Dialog which displays the current Keys defined for moving Jumpman around the screen.

The Default Keys for Jumpman are the Cursor Keys along with Left Control for Jumping/Shooting etc..

The Keys can be changed by clicking on one of the Action buttons (Up, Left, Jump etc..)

The text which displays the Key used for that action will change to ????. When that happens just press the Key to wish to use for that action. The Text will then change again to reflect the new key entered.

Game Options...

The Game Options Dialog allows you to specify the Screen Resolution you wish to play Jumpman at aswell as the Sound Volumes and any Game Defaults you have a preference for.

When you click on Game Options, the following dialog will be displayed;

The Dialog is built up of the following sections.

Screen Resolution Defines the Screen Resolution aswell as Bit Depth and Aspect Ratio.
Sound Options Defines the Volume to Play Music and Sounds at.
Game Defaults Defines the Default preferences to use for the Game Player.

Screen Resolution

This Lists the available screen resolutions that Jumpman can be played at on your system. Click on the Screen resolution you wish to play at. The default is 800x500 (8:5 Ratio) Windowed Mode.

Enter The Release Date of the Game here. Used for Reference only by anybody who is interested.

Full Screen

If Ticked, then Jumpman will play the game (at the resolution specified) full screen (which runs faster than in windowed mode). If you have specified a 8:5 screen ratio then it will automatically be converted over to a PC 4:3 ratio as openGL is unable to open a full screen display at the 64 ratio.

16bpp / 32bpp

Defines the number of Bits Per Pixel to render the game graphics at.. The More bits the better it will look. This is ONLY valid in Full Screen mode.. 32bpp is a bit slower than 16bpp but much nicer looking.

Aspect Ratio 8:5 (64) / 4:3 (PC)

Defines the Ratio to render the Game at (only valid for Windowed mode). The choices are either the Commodore 64 Ratio (8:5) or PC ratio (4:3). Playing under 8:5 will look more closer to the original 64 version as the PC ratio tends to stretch the screen height.

Below are examples of both Screen ratios.

Commodore 64 8:5 Ratio
PC 4:3 Ratio

Music Volume

Defined the Volume to Play all game Music at.. Valid ranges are no Music (Full Left) and Full Volume (Full Right).

Sound Volume

Defined the Volume to Play all Sounds at.. Valid ranges are no Sounds (Full Left) and Full Volume (Full Right).

Run Speed

Defines the Default Run Speed to play the Game at.. This saves having to press a number on the keyboard to change it at the start of each game. The Default is Run Speed 3.

Single Button Jump

If Ticked, then Jumpman will Jump upwards (when the jump button is pressed) without having to press 'UP' at the same time (original 64 behavior). Default is turned Off.