G'day and Welcome to my

Jumpman - Under Construction

Development Page which will detail the ongoing development of
my windows port of the Classic Commodore 64 Game

By Randy Glover

A Screenshot of the Original 64 Jumpman

Jumpman - Under Construction contains a full Level Editor which allows for creation of games and levels which can then be played from within the Editor.

Randy Glover has kindly given me full permission to use anything I need from the Original Jumpman including all Levels, Ideas and Themes and I thank him very much for letting me do so.

For the last 2 years I've been helping to develop Visual Pinball, This has given me a huge understanding of Direct X, COM, Active-X and Windows Programming in General.

Like VP, each object in Jumpman-UC (Girder, Bomb, Bullet) is a full ALT COM object which lends itself into being able to be controlled via the Visual Basic Scripting language built into Microsoft Windows. This allows custom code to be written for each game level allowing for greater creative flexibility to what can be done.

Jumpman - Under Construction uses openGL as the graphics render (although the game will be 2D based). openGL allows for some very nice effects to be added. It is also very easy to program and very well supported.

If you would like to make any comments on Jumpman then please send an email to


or even better use the Forum to discuss the development of Jumpman-UC, Ask Questions or make Suggestions..

Be sure to check out the Development Dairy for the latest news on Jumpman-UC. Its updated every Sunday.

You can download the latest public release of
Jumpman - Under Construction in the Downloads section..



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