Web Links / Resources

• Jumpman Links

Jumpman-UC Game Downloads The place to get new Game files for Jumpman-UC. Set up by Randy Glover himself.
The Jumpman Lounge Lots of Link to all things Jumpman
Jumpman Zero Jumpman for the Palm OS. Dave is also working a PC version of his Jumpman
Jumpman Project The Jumpman Project - Converting the old PC Dos game to run on modern day machines
Jumpman & Jumpman Jr. The Epyx Shrine
Jumpman Strategy Guide The Jumpman Strategy Guide for all 30 Levels


• Development Links

Nehe Productions Nehe Productions. The Place to Learn about openGL
Nehe openGL Forums Nehe's Forums (a place for me to ask dumb questions about openGL)
VBScript Reference VBScript - MSDN Visual Basic Scripting language reference guide
OpenGL - Red Book OpenGL Programming Guide or 'The Red Book'
GameDev The very latest game developement news
FMod FMOD is the fastest, most powerful and Easiest to use sound system.
OpenGL.org The Latest in openGL news
MSDN Microsoft's online MSDN documentation
Nvidia openGL Nvidias Development page on openGL (nvSDK)


• Retro Gaming

Retro Remakes Huge List and the Latest News of All projects Remaking Classic Games
Archon: Evolution Remake of Archon.. Really looking forward to this one.
Head Over Heels A Remake of the Classic Head of Heels.. Extreamly nice graphics.


• Other Pages of Interest

Games By Scott Scott Haags Home Page
Yak Yak The Forum of Jeff Minter - Llamasoft Baanter and Moosings
Basic4GL A simple BASIC language compiler with OpenGL support. Very cool.
Steins Party Time Lounge My Friends Stein's web page for his new Sci-Fi pinball game (using the pinball core I helped to write)