The Game / FAQ

• A brief History about Jumpman

Jumpman was written by Randy Glover and first released by Epyx in 1983. However, Jumpman's origin can be traced back to 1981, when Nintendo released Shigeru Miyamoto's masterpiece Donkey Kong. Originally Mario was called Jumpman but was soon renamed and certainly helped Nintendo become the giant it is today.

Randy bought an Atari 400 in early 1983 and attempted to write a tribute (ie knock-off) to Donkey Kong. He was partially successful with a crude 6 level Jumpman precursor. Encouraged by this, Randy decided to scrap his early game and began to write Jumpman from scratch later the same year.

Armed with an early version of Jumpman, Randy went shopping for publishers during the winter of 1983. He signed with Epyx after talks with Epyx and Broderbund.

A 30-level Jumpman was finished for the Atari. It took Randy 4 months on and off to create Jumpman. Once Released it was a huge success. Randy then wrote the C-64 version of Jumpman (the 64 wasn't even out when he started on the Atari Version). Thankfully both computers used the same processor so it was only a case of learning the differences between the two machines. Epyx had only done Vic-20 stuff before that so Randy was left to his own.


Atari Jumpman   Commodore 64 Jumpman

Jumpman was followed by the 15-level sequel Jumpman Jr (Atari First, C-64 Second) which also did well for Epyx.


Atari Jumpman Jr.   Commodore 64 Jumpman Jr.

Jumpman Jr was also ported to the ColecoVision Console in 1984

ColecoVision Jumpman Jr.

Randy stayed at Epyx until early 1985, working on such C64 classics as Lunar Outpost (was based on a sprite demo that Randy showed to the new CEO of EPYX and then told him to make a game of it), Pit Stop and Summer Games (The Music).

Jumpman was discontinued by Epyx in 1987.


• Original Instructions

The enemy has infiltrated JUPITER Headquarters! ALIENATORS have
sabotaged all systems... planted bombs throughout its thirty
levels... ready to blast Headquarters to ashes at any moment.

Already, JUPITER #1 is starting to crumble. CAN IT BE SAVED? And,
can the other two command centers be secured before the ALIENATORS
overrun their defenses? IT'S UP TO YOU!

YOU, trained as the government's top secret weapon, are the only one
able to defuse the bombs and restore the communication systems. YOU
ARE JUPITER JUMPMAN! You have the speed, skill, and SEVEN LIVES
necessary to outwit the ALIENATORS. You have the ability to scale
ladders, girders, ropes, and mysterious mazes to quickly find the

BE ALERT... instantly able to dodge or jump over the ALIENATORS'
bullets. BE PREPARED... always ready to fight their evil backup
forces of dragons, robots, and other destroyers. AND, CONSTANTLY
WATCH OUT FOR... crumbling girders, falling objects, and many other
nasty surprises!

Your joystick activates your jet boosters, enabling you to leap
around each level of Headquarters, while avoiding deadly obstacles.
JUMP ON TARGET, and you'll succeed... restore power, defuse the
bombs, and save JUPITER!

MISS YOUR TARGET, and you might find yourself dangling from a ledge,
with all but your seventh life gone!


• What Platforms are supported ?

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP running openGL 1.1.


• What are the minimum system requirements?

To be confirmed… But it should run on any machine capable of running an openGL game.


• Features

The original's gameplay (based on the C64 version)
Full Level/Game Design Editor. Design your own levels Simply and Quickly
Support for External Graphic / Sound / Music so Games can share resources
Hardware assisted acceleration of Video and Audio
Runs in a window or in full screen mode
Upto 4 Players Can Play (not at once though )
Keyboard control (fully configurable)


• When will the game be finished and available?

You can download the latest Public Release in the Downloads section.. Enjoy..


• How will the game be distributed?

Jumpman - Under Construction will be freeware and available from this site


• What about other platforms?

Although openGL is cross-plaform, many of the programming techniques used in the Editor are not. Jumpman-UC also used Visual Basic Scripting which is only available on the Windows Operating system. Sorry.