This picture of me was taken in Dubai (the Middle East). After working non-stop for 13 days (and I mean non-stop) I got the 14th day off (the day I was to leave) so I spent the entire day in the pool at the hotel (on the roof). It was totally wonderful. One of the best times I've ever had. Dubai is a truely wonderful place.


Another picture of me in Dubai standing next to a statue of a camel (stop drooling Jeff Minter ;-)
It was about 40 degrees and I was in a full jacket and tie (I was hot), mind you, the two guys from Enland I was with were cooking ;-)


A day off in Chicago. I was overseas working for Motorola at the time and was taken up to the top of the Hancock building (over 1000 feet). After this picture was taken there were a heap of Americans rushing in to copy what I had just done. Trust an Australian to cause a stir ;-)



My two boys, Griffen (left) and Monty (right)
Monty is a Australian Spotted Mist, looks like and is built like a small leopard. Griffen has a personality all of his own but is definatly a daddys cat.



This picture is of my very good friend Colin Hall playing on one of our Arcade Machines.
It was taken at a place one of the guys had in a light industrial zone, thus it was the perfect place to throw loud and wild partys as nobody could complain. (well somebody tried to, but we told him what he could do with himself )



Photographic proof of the fun you can have with a couple of balloons!
Who said you had to be a kid to play with balloons ;-)



A few of my friends on a friday night. (Rick, Stuart, Myself and Colin)
Try and pick the two straight ones ;-)



My last day at college (spent at the pub ;-). My god didn't I look young then!
The guys are Danny, Steve and Me. I'm not going to say who the flowers where for, but lets say I had a good time that day ;-)



Me driving a bus in South Johore (Malaysia)
My first overseas trip (been on many more since). Was a very enjoyable time and I was well looked after by the locals.