Welcome to Pimp My Mini.. My web site for fixing up my mini which is a long term project and something
I've wanted to do for many years. Of course I'm not going to 'pimp' it out like the name suggests but its a cool name.

I have good help with my Father who cut his mechanical teeth on Mini's when they first came out and he ran a very successful
mechanical workshop for many years. He also specialised in brakes.

My Brother also trained as a heavy duty mechanic but now works as a assistant manager for Malz (Marlows)
and has been working on cars for many years. He is currently rebuilding a Holden WB 1 tonner (link).

Click on each picture to be taken to the relivent section which
contains many more pictures and comments.
(This site contains a lot of images and is not dial up friendly)

Mini Owners Club of Western Australia I'm a proud member of the Mini Owners Club of Western Australia (link) which is a great club. We do at least 1 event each month plus car shows which gives me the change to meet other mini enthusiasts as well as show off my car.


The Donor Car... (link)

1973 LeyLand Mini (Clubman Sport)

I bought it as a failed project but the guy had
already spent quite a bit of money on it and the
running gear is in very good condition.

She is unlicensed but has a brand new engine (recon),
extractors, gear box, new carpets inside, sport seats,
a new roof lining and rear seats.


Stripping it Down... (link)

This section details stripping out of all the fittings aswell as taking off all the blue paint back
to pure raw metal and then coverting with etch primer.


Off to the Shop...

Loaded everything up onto a trailer and borrowed 'Bastard Child' my bothers ute and off to the shop it went..


Engine / Body Parts Cleanup... (link)

This section details cleaning up the engine and getting it ready to go back into the car.


Body... (link)

This section details repairs to the bodywork.


Paint... (link)

This section details repairs to the bodywork.


Coming Home... (link)

Bringing my girl back home.


The rebuild... (link)

Now for the fun bit, remembering where all the screws went (or more likely where I put them)


Trim / Finishing off... (link)

The last part of a long story. Tirimming her up and Finishing her off.


One Sexy bitch... (link)


And fully licenced..



Many Thanks to the following people;

My Dad (John Leathley)
For being there, his technical knowledge, a helping hand and answering my dumb questions. We have had our
moments but it good to lean on him when needed. Now its licenced, we can both enjoy it.

Anothony (My Brother)
For welding the rear subframe and helping me put the engine in and get the wiring done.

Ross Lowe
For taking that little extra to make the body work just right.

Matt Hewson (Repco Special Brake Division)
An old family friend from the Girlock days. Thanks for the brakes and cleaning up the bits I gave you.

Tony Cullen (mini sport)
Provides excellent service for mini parts in Australia.
I've bought some odd-ball stuff from him and its never been a problem

Scotts Triming
Brad and Jack did an awesome job on the trim of the car.



My brother bought me a wicked Mini money box (which I'm using to collect gold coins to pay for the tires)

My boss made this brilliant west coast custom Pimp My Mini Dvd cover aswell
as giving me Season 1 of Pimp My Ride. Many thanks Richard.


And for something completly different. The Italian Job (Lego Style)...

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