One of my past and current passions is Pinball.

I used to work as a pinball Technician (part time) and I guess my love of the silver ball has never disappeared.


Visual Pinball
If you have ever wanted to create you own Pinball then I cannot recommend Visual Pinball enough. I've worked with Randy Davis on the Development of this truly wonderful program.


Goto ShivaSite Forums (now really AJ forums but no new logo) to find out the latest gossip on the VP and to talk to other table developers from around the world.


Visit ShivaSite for the biggest pinball portal on the planet. Links and Information about everything silverball related.


My Personal Table's

The table I am currently working on with Stein.
We are both working extreamly hard to make this a table to be proud of.
Check it out here.


Black Knight 2000
Check out my Black Knight 2000 Visual Pinball development page...
(Development has stoped on this product)


Good Places to Get Tables
THE site to get all the Script versions of Pinball's Designed with Visual Pinball
All The Visual Pinball Mame tables which actually run the original pinball ROMS


 General Pinball Related

'Reproduction Playfield Plastics and Back Glasses'
A great place to get your machine looking like new again.

Pinball Rule Sheets

Internet Pinball Database


Kens Custom Pinball Cards

Pinball Links