Résumé of Chris Leathley

Personal Information 
Marital Status: Single.
Nationality: Australian.
Age: 33.
Place of Birth: Leeds, United Kingdom.
Licence: C Class, Own reliable transport.
Tax: Registered ABN.


Function Waitperson


November 02 - Current
Old Swan Brewery
Perth, WA

  Working a Casual Waiter specifically for functions (Weddings/Business/Private dinners). Duties include serving food and alcohol beverages, running/restocking the bar, processing the account at the end of the shift and setting up for the next function.

Contract Software Engineer


June 02
Secure Systems Ltd
Osborne Park, WA

  Short Term contract (3 months) to help in the development of a USB dongle device to be used as a second stage Authentication Device for the Hard Drive Encryption Technology the company has developed. Development was done in C and Atmel Assembler on the AT90SC (licensed under NDA) processors. Developed the ISO 7813-3 Communications Routines, An EEPROM File system which supports a file system as defined for an ISO Smart Card and the AES Encryption routines (in Assembler). All work was done under a NDA.

Contract Service Technician


February 2002 - June 02
Filtek Australia
Belmont, WA

  Working as a contract service technician (part time) on Amusement machines (arcade, pinball, jukebox's). This involves repairing of monitor chassis, minor board repairs, repair of power supplies and general upkeep/maintenance on machines.

Contract Software Engineer


October 2001
Cabaret Gaming
Innaloo, WA

  3-Month Contract as Software Engineer to Cabaret Gaming. Maintained and developed poker machine software running on a custom embedded game board (Motorola 6809). All development was done to the guidelines of the Queensland and West Australian Government Gaming Licensing Division and is currently in use in sites in Western Australia and Queensland.

This work is ongoing as needed.

Freelance Developer


Took a year off for personal development and training. During this time I gained the following experience;
  Co-Developer of the freeware 3D Pinball Simulation 'Visual Pinball' that allows users to design (via a CAD like interface) and play their own pinball. Written fully in Visual C++ and is entirely object oriented. Rendering of the table and game is done using Direct Draw and Direct 3D. Uses Visual Basic Scripting Language to allow the user to control elements of the simulation (event driven). Currently has a following of over 22,000 people and over 1000 hundred tables have been released for it. This development is still on going. It has been featured on several computer magazines aswell as used by BMW-Mini for a trade motor show.
  Web Page Design. Designed several static web sites using Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev and Macromedia Fireworks. Designed a Dynamic relational Database driven web site (written in ASP and served on IIS), which provided full Master/Detail and SQL search access, member login, profiling and access privileges with a database driven discussion forum and voting facilities.
  Development of Windows applications using both Microsoft Visual C++ (v6) and Borland C++ Builder (v4). This was done to expand my knowledge of Windows applications and C++. Developed small Active X and COM components.
  Maintained a small network of 15 computers, which ran under a Windows 2000 Server for a small education centre.


Senior Software Engineer (Singapore Embedded Devices)


2000 - 1998
ERG Transit Systems
Balcatta, WA

  Designed the overall application software architecture of the Embedded Software for the 3 main interconnected embedded devices (CPU32). This architecture was developed by 20 software engineers in both the Singapore and San Francisco projects and was rolled out into 30,000 devices. The Software was designed as a set of modular components, which could be picked up by various projects and modified with a minimal amount of work to suit the requirements of that project. These components run under a custom embedded operating system (MOS), which was fully multithreaded and thus all software was designed with the complexities of threading in mind. I also wrote the MOS drivers for Graphical Display and Sound generation. The Singapore / San Francisco devices where responsible for high speed processing (< 100ms) of transit fare transactions. The Singapore configuration was for 6 intelligent card processors communicating with the driver’s console (using a custom extendable protocol which used TCP/IP as the underlining communications over an ARCnet transmitter). The driver console then talked to the Depot via Wireless LAN and a DHCP server. This allowed full remote operation of the devices with minimal operator intervention.

  Was technical lead for the card processor (BEXP), which used a Sony Contactless Card reader to perform high-speed transactions against a card and the real-time operating data contained in the device. This device also interrogated a GPS device to update its real world location.
  Responsible for a team of 8 software engineers ranging from an under-graduate to other senior software engineers. This involved co-ordinating workload for the team on behalf of the software manager, organising design review meetings and performed code reviews of junior engineers.


Software Engineer


1998 - 1993
ERG Transit Systems
Balcatta, WA
  ERG / Motorola Alliance, in the design and Integration of the Motorola Contactless/Contact Smart Card (ISO14443-A, ISO14443-B, ISO7816-1, ISO7816-2, ISO7816-3 and ISO7816-4 standards) into ERG Transit Systems equipment. Worked closely with the development staff at Motorola (in Chicago) and provided key offsite development and assistance. Was stationed in Chicago (1 Month) for final integration testing with Motorola.
  5 Years experience in the integration of smart card systems into ERG Transit Systems equipment including, Sony, Mikron, Dainippon (Smart and Memory cards), Schlumberger, Cardlogix and Gemplus.
  Responsible for security algorithms (encryption, MAC’s and key management), card data layout and recovery mechanisms used in contactless smartcards for all non Hong Kong related projects.
  Design and development of the ERG Transit Systems CSC interface for the TP4000 (Drivers console) and CP4002 (Card processor).
  Full design and development of the CP4002 (Card processor) (CPU32) and DF2109 (Drivers console) (68HC11).
  Software Developments in a full inter-modal transit system utilising Magnetic stripe cards and contact smart cards for Brisbane Australia, South Johore / Kuala Lumpur / Penang in Malaysia and the Netherlands (Europe).
  Experience as a Team Leader scheduling and assigning work as well as reviewing status of work in progress and technical documentation.
  Development of demonstration software for the UITP trade show (95, 96 and 98).
  The development of the demonstration software (TP4000 to 4 external BCP’s) for the Singapore Bid.
  Experience in Multi-drop communication protocols (RS485).
  Extensive overseas travel on Company Business, which includes Installation / Maintaining Systems and Demonstration of products to new clients.


Electronic Assembler / Nokia Test Technician


ERG Electronics
Balcatta, WA
  Responsible for a small team of electronic assemblers in training and work procedures.
  Transferred to a technical role testing Phase B Nokia Mobile net base stations. This included low level fault finding on DSPU, FUCB, FQHU and MCLP units. (All surface mount, mutli-layered pcbs) using logic analysers and other digital diagnostic equipment.


Previous Achievements 
  Technical Editor of the commercial computer magazine 'OZAmiga'. (Published in 1993 for a period of 17 months)
  Development of several commercial computer games for the Amiga range of computers. Titles include; 'Fortress', 'Magnatron', 'Flippit', 'Weasel on the Go!' and 'The Adventures of Freddy Fish'.
  Developed exhibition software for the SciTech Discovery Centre. Was a media rich interactive/training program on the structure/movement of the human spinal cord. The program also kept statistics of operator knowledge. Designed for the West Australian Physiotherapy association.
  Worked as a mobile technician for Leisure and Allied Industries. (3 years)


  C/C++ (system and embedded)
  AVR3 (AT90 series)  (Atmel)
  CPU32, 680x0, 680x and 68HC11 Assembler
  34010 & 34020 Assembler
 (Texas Instruments)
  6502 & 6510 Assembler
  80486 Assembler (real and protected modes)

Experience in these other languages;
  Delphi, Visual Basic, ADA, Pascal, Cobol, PL/I and various Authoring Languages.


Applications / Tools 
  Rational Clearcase / Clearquest (source integrity and bug tracking software).
  Vision Click / Probe BDM.
  Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev and Fireworks Web Development Tools.


1987 - 1990

Perth Technical College (TAFE).

Diploma in Computer Programming
(Not completed. Left in the third year to gain employment)


  Shotokan Karate (1st Dan).
  Gardening / Home Improvement.
  Formula 1 / Motor Sport.
  Home Brew Beer.
  Developing Pinball Simulation Software.


Phil Quenby
Development Manager
ERG Transit Systems
247 Balcatta Road, Balcatta

Mike Hearn

Technical Manager
Secure Systems Ltd
80 Hasler Road, Osborne Park

Alan Davey

Cabaret Gaming
275 Ewen Street, Woodlands

Russel Tuff
Filtek Australia
73 Abernethy Road, Belmont

Richard Mussell

Software Manager
ERG Transit Systems
247 Balcatta Road, Balcatta