---- 32 bots on near 32 size player maps ----
I took the 16 player single player maps, added up to 32 bots, overlayed 32 or 64 player boundaries to open up space, then added control points and equipment close to the perimeter of the 16 player pathing mesh resulting in a whole new experience. For the flyboys, where practicable I also added missing aircraft and choppers to the airfields. The end result was much larger maps than 16 player with six to seven control points instead of only three or four. This altered the flavour of some to give a new perspective on a number of maps.

With added air assets and two more bots per map, I've stretched the stability boundaries on this mod in the expectation of patch 1.03 being released by now. I expect and hope that 1.03 will fix many needed things so decent COOP play may have a chance. Anyhow please accept profuse apologies for the dodgy coding we all have to live with that is beyond my control.


For modem users, a compact 8.7MB download is available at the same link