Lyric Writing:

Writing lyrics is the deeply personal part of the songwriting process, this is where you have your say. Lyrics are what relates the song to the songwriter. There are only so many chords and chordal sequences and in popular music these are reused or re-arranged time and again, but words speak eternal.

A poem can be used as a lyric but a lyric doesn't have to be a poem. Poems have metre or a rhythmic flow, in a song this rhythic flow is taken up by the music. The lyric can have spaces whereas the poem usually cannot. These spaces can be filled by extending the end of the note which allows the vocalist to express themselves or left open for another instument to fill.

Rhym is very common in popular and rap music and is often a challenge for the songwriter, fortunatley there are few useful resources available. is an excellent resourse for the lyricist.

There are no rules to the lyrical compositional process but we have a few suggestions:

Here is an example that follows some of these principles. All un-necessary words have been removed leaving just the important ones, some made up and the end of the chorus is left exactly as is reads. The listener can fill in the blanks:

Exquisitry  Enticingly
Classicity Enchantingly

Fabulosity Delightfully
Delicacy  Gracefully

Dazzlocity Stunningly
Superlicity Extra ordinarily

How many words does it take?
How many words does it take?
How many words does it take?
To say…





The songwriter's technical term for "not a bad lyric that!"