Billy China Productions can assist with the creation of MIDI files and conversion of MIDI files to audio, for example backing tracks for auditions or performance.

MIDI files can be produced or edited (re-arrangement, transpose etc) and converted to audio format for use as backing tracks.

Original music is available in MIDI file format conforming to the General MIDI standard for inclusion in Internet sites.

Original MIDI file composed by BCP. The song 'I Spy' can be found in audio format with additional audio, vocals etc on the 'Artist' page.

MIDI file "Symphony No4 in Bb, Adagio-Allegro Vivace" composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven and programmed by Petr Cvikl. Excerpt of the file from bar 48 in MP3 format produced by BCP.

MIDI file "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" by William Hannah. MP3 version by BCP including doubling the 'Trumpet 1' track using a string section to enhance the quality.