Billy China Productions specializes in taking a simple musical idea, perhaps a few guitar chords or even just a lyric and turning that into reality. The mission would be to produce the idea into a high quality demo or independent CD quality release. Also provided are compressed formats such as MP3 for use on the Internet.

This demo starring Nick Hanlon was produced in six hours from conception to completion and submitted to the Saddle Club. Their version can be found here. As can be heard clearly BCP's arrangement was employed.

Here is a compilation of three tracks featuring Donella and Chad Plane. This was their first independent CD release. Final mix and co-production by BCP.

This compilation stars Sally Periconne. The demo was arranged and produced by BCP. All musical input from BCP.

Here is a recent adventure. Lucy O'Sullivan performed the vocals to a basic guitar accompliment. BCP did the rest. Guitar and bass by Dave Scotland.