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[alliances] is a networking opportunity for professionals and executives in the E-business industry. We aim to promote the formation of business partnerships intune with our value creation philosophy.

While everyone is jabbering on about how the Net makes us all connected ... how the world is so boundary-less, my idea is that no sane person can carry on surfing aimlessly forever. The Net is so immense, so vast, that finding your own niche in the internet wilderness is almost impossible.

Web Marketing Opportunities for Business Professionals and Executives

Opens Separate Chat WindowIn a roundabout way, I'm saying the human or one-to-one interactions are still extremely important and seal the way we connect with other people.

Translated, this is our idea of an 'alliance'. So if you share the same ebusiness philosophy, and are headed toward the same internet business or web marketing goals, give us a shout and let's get your business networking started!

Our Web Alliances

Optimiser: online digital rights management by Leo Mullins.
Dented Reality: multimedia web development site by Beau Lebens.
Murdoch Consulting: Online DB work for Construction industry by Graham Murdoch.
Fabton Project Management: Personalised computer coaching and support solutions for your business.

South East Asia direct marketing site by Alex Har.
Gpower: management consultancy by Eddy Goh.
SmartTrack: training consultancy by Eddy Goh.
AppliedNewMedia: web development by Ming Chia.
EzyBills: online bill collation platform by Chris Chong.
ChildCareCam: video surveillance system by Eric Cheah.
Smart Track Biz: Knowledge Professionals by Alex Har and Eddie Goh.

"How Do I Better Market Myself?"
How Can We Help You Build on the Brand-Which-Is-You

What do we mean by 'The Brand-Which-Is-You'? In short, given the workforce and employment trends that have emerged since the end of the '90s, we feel that it is important for all professionals to manage their careers and themselves as their own Number 1 asset. You've all slogged to write business plans, talked about web marketing initiatives, and implemented projects for all these companies. Fantastic. Clapx3. You've done a great job ... FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

NOW think about YOURSELF. Have you considered yourself as a business service? Have you tried to develop your own brand name? Isn't it about time you invested some effort in your future? Well, we can help. Here's how:

  1. Website: Start developing a professional website. While a website is not a life-or-death step, it's like a business plan or a concept paper. It helps get your mind into thinking about what is it you want to build. Want to register a domain? Check out
  2. Create a Web Ring: You scratch my back and I scratch yours If you go to the 'home' page, you'll find instructions on how to place a banner from my site on yours. Now if you do that and if you email me and tell me about it, I'll make sure I create a link in my 'Alliance' section under a new category 'Webrings', which will feature all the sites that are interlinked together.
  3. Participate: Want to be known? Well, if you like, you can always suggest an article relating to the E-business Tune Up theme, and if I agree, I'll syndicate it's use and send it off to my mailing list for free. You'll have to of course include a Stock Quote of yourself (a one paragraph summary of your biography) and any marketing information you want me to include. It's so simple. Also think of a date in which you may like to discuss with any recipients of the mail .. and then make sure you're in my chat room when they come in.
  4. You've Got to Believe: It works like this -- no one will come if they don't know we're here. You've got to talk about it till you're hoarse and make sure people visit our sites. You've also got to build value into your site and make people want to come to you, or come to us through you.


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