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Colin Wee

Colin holds a US business degree in Organization Behavior from Southern Methodist University, and graduated top 5% nationally with honors. Since 1994, Colin has been deeply involved with Internet business development starting with a pioneering Electronic Commerce honors project spearheaded by his university’s MIS Chairperson.

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Colin moved back to South East Asia in 1995 and has done business-oriented work on diverse ebusiness assignments. Projects include but are not limited to Internet training, establishing video streaming broadband services, electronic logistic solutions, referral marketing integrated with electronic commerce, wireless internet ordering devices, and was IT director for a number of web portals in Singapore.

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The beginning of 2000 saw Colin expand his regional South East Asian e-commerce interests to Western Australia. Until April 2001, he was the Chief Information Officer of Insurance My Way Holdings LTD, an ASX-listed online insurance broker and servicing center. There, he oversaw the entire information technology value process from development and hosting to maintenance of systems. Since then, he has taken a role as COO in a small search engine optimization firm called PositionMEonline.

Colin is both a charismatic leader and an effective team player. During his career, he has always successfully managed and mentored teams of technology owners. Being highly resourceful, Colin delivers significant value to all the projects he has been involved with. This, along with his balanced communication style, helps him give added insight and clarity to those around him.

Colin makes it his business to share his experience and knowledge of the internet and information technology with those that are looking for motivation and guidance. He has already freely (and happily) mentored several individuals transitioning into the internet and e-business industry. Colin encourages everyone to continue this approach, saying "the satisfaction you receive from empowering someone else is incomparable."

Colin currently is based in Perth, Western Australia with his wife Emmeline and little son William. He enjoys his fishing and his cooking. On the side, Colin manages Hikaru Ryu Gendai Budo, his own martial arts school ongoing since July 2000.

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