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Avoid pitfalls when implementing privacy policy statements

Bitpipe IT Research on Acceptable Use Policies

Develop an Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Policies: Ask the Author

Employees with free web based email: Ask the Author

FBI Congressional statement on cybercrime

IT and the law - A wider audience

Legalities of looking into email: Ask the author

RJL Software: Message Manager Deluxe v1.05 - Shareware

Unified Messaging: Ask the Author

We've Got Mail


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Insurance My Way (IMW) Ltd, 2002, ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ version 1.5 resourced from Colin Wee’s private collection.

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Other MBT Acceptable Use Policy Reports

Proposal to Revise Electronic Communications Policy by Shirley Korprapun

Email and Electronic Communications Policies by Chris Korprapun

Email and Phone Policy Resource by Frank Raczka

Email, Telephones and You @ Work - Are You Sure It's OK? by Steve Dryden

Office Policy Report by Daniel Gotlieb

Office Policy on the Use of Email and Telephones by Harriet Sheppard

Office Policy on Use of Telephone and Email by Kwan Leung


IT for Managers Assignment 1 by Neal Anderson

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