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This page has been re-organized to help narrow down searches for patterns of a specific size. By following the links below, you will be able to see all the appropriate patterns in "one hit".

Continue to follow the links to view and print either the chart or the text for knitting the pattern. If you are unfamiliar with the symbols and abbreviations used in the patterns, be sure to download and print the stitch key.

If you have either the demo or registered version, then you can also download these patterns in one .zip file and run them in AranPaint.

Check back often for updates!

Stitch Dictionary Table of Contents

  • 8 Stitch Patterns (2 new patterns, 3 total)

  • 10 Stitch Patterns (1 new pattern, 1 total)

  • 12 Stitch Patterns (2 new patterns, 3 total)

  • 16 Stitch Patterns (1 new pattern, 2 total)

  • 18 Stitch Patterns (1 pattern total)

  • 20 Stitch Patterns (1 new pattern, 3 total)

  • 28 Stitch Patterns (1 pattern total)

  • 32 Stitch Patterns (1 pattern total)

  • 34 Stitch Patterns (1 pattern total)

  • 40 Stitch Patterns (1 pattern total)

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