The Project

Version 2 of the CarPC reuses a lot of the components of the original installation. However the goal this time around is integration. The CarPC needs to exist in this car as if it were installed by the manufacturer. All the existing goals and functionality requirements were maintained, that is:

  • Music playback
  • FM Radio functionality
  • GPS navigation
  • Digital photo archive/backup when away on trips

See the links above to take you to each of the build worklogs and photos. Further detail is available on my blog, which also covers my newer projects.


Latest News

Current status: Uninstalled


It's a shame, but I don't have the PC in the car any more. The website still exists to maintain a record of the installation and to share the photos, but the PC is in a box on the shelf and the WRX that it was installed in has been sold for a Sensible Family Car. Everyone has to compromise sometime.

However, I've refocussed my efforts. Whilst I don't have a PC in the car, I've focussed on the use of PC's as appliances in thhe home. Home Theatre PC's, Windows Home Server - Get all the latest news on my new hobbies on my blog...





Last updated: 2009-10-29

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