CarPC - Sydney Meet

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Sunday, February 20 2005: So we finally had a meet. The venue was significantly better the week before - there wasn't a soul to be seen.


Never mind.


By my count (correct me if I'm wrong), cars that made an appearance on the day (and that had a system in of some form) belonged to:

  • Lanox's Mitsubishi Lancer
  • TX5's Ford TX5
  • Samis' Mazda RX 4 (Photo's below)
  • C4M's Subaru Impreza (Photo's below)
  • Meddler's Toyota Hilux Xtra Cab
  • Milo's Holden Commodore

With significant others, friends and tire kickers, it was quite a healthy turnout.


If there are any other photo's that should be here - email me and I'll be happy to include. Meddler - we need a photo of your very fancy computer 'case' for the collection :-)


Update - 2005-02-28: Meddler has come through with some pics of his install, including his one-of-a-kind Zip-Lock-Tek enclosure.

Samis' Mazda RX-4


A 19" monitor mounted in the boot. Yes - there is a linear actuator driving a hand-made scissor lift that drives the screen up and down. Did I mention that this is a show car?



The interior of Samis' RX-4. Sit still long enough in this thing, and you'll get wrapped in leather or suede. A pair of screens in the visors, a pair of screens in the back of the drivers and passengers seats, and...


Samis - when you get a web page together, let me know and I'll link to you. There are a lot of special little tricks in this car, including a customised shaft radio (with working re-programmed buttons, remote control power, and so on).


No wonder it's a chronic trophy winner.



What 591hp looks like at rest...

C4M's Subaru WRX

It would appear that most of the interest in my installation related to the installation of the Xenarc screen, and here are a few shots from different angles.


The box in front of the shifter contains the power and reset buttons - albeit only temporarily.


I'm in the process of documenting the build in the Subaru, so there are a lot more pictures to come...



Meddler's Toyota Hilux


Nothing screams "I love my CarPC" more than Meddler's enclosure. Hidden under the jump seat in the back of a Hilux extend cab, and made from the box which has Opus power supply was delivered in (note Ziplock's ample application of stamps).


Meddler has a number of serious plans for this ute, some of which have only just begun, and are so subtle that Hilux enthusiasts missed them (read: I was too keen to see the famous stamp covered box).


Xenarc screen installed the factory supplied "I-haven't-got-to-the-fancy-installation-of-the-screen-bit-yet" adaptor.






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