Here's some things that I've found useful during building, and that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. I'll host this stuff until I don't need it any more, or until the hosting people get grumpy, and it impacts the availability of the rest of the site.


Drivers for the Media Player RF remote

OK - I did find these somewhere else. But I suspect that multiple copies and versions exist, and I know that these work on mine.


Download them here.


Media Player RF remote test application

Developed by a friend of mine, this little application allows you to test/troubleshoot your remote control. Please refer to the readme for usage details. This met my need at the time, and may or may not meet yours. No liability accepted.


Download here.

USB GPS Drivers

Deluo support and driver download site.



Some links to other applications and builders that I've collected and found useful over the course of my project:


Other CarPC build sites

Looking for some inspiration as to how others have built their CarPC's?

Installation Examples

Installation examples that impressed me enough to make it to the bookmarks list...





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