Inklings Calligraphy


Fill in details on existing certificates

Standard certificate work involves filling in details such as name, date and qualification/category. Extra information can also be added. I welcome a single certificate as well as bulk or ongoing certificates. A number of clients whose needs are ongoing leave their certificate stock with me, email me their lists and can then collect them personally, have them couriered or posted out. My turnover is particularly swift!

Design original for reproduction

Occasionally a client will request a certificate to be designed and hand lettered and then reproduced. This is an excellent alternative to a standard computer designed certificate with fonts, allowing more freedom of design and a more exclusive feel.

Design one-off original

For a unique and memorable presentation, a hand lettered one-off certificate is the ultimate choice. This can be designed with corporate/council logos and colours and may incorporate illustrations and decorative artwork

Click here for samples of my most commonly used simple calligraphy scripts or ornate calligraphy scripts.