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View from Nordenfeldt Quickfirer position (GP#3)

Queenslander Report - Fort Lytton - 2nd May 1885

The fort now is practically completed as far as alteration and improvements go. The parapet, on which stood the two brass l2-pounder Howitzers which have been transfered to the Pippo have been raised by about a foot, so as to afford more cover for the infantry firing over it, and the whole has been neatly sodded over.

The infantry have also continued the work of narrowing the embrasures of the 6-inch guns and the defence and mounting of these guns may now be considered complete on the right of Nol 6-inch gun, that is to say, on the extreme right of the fort and nearest to an attacking force from the Bay, a large mound has been constructed to a height of 4 ft. 6 ins. on the interior crest. This mound, which will afford further protection against an enemy's fire has been sloped down to nothing at a distance of between 30 ft. and 40 ft. from the base. The concrete facings around the gun have been entirely concealed by l ft. of earth covered with sods. This new earth is also sloped down to nothing at a distance of 30 ft. from the concrete in front of the muzzle of the gun.

The thickness or rather the depth of this additional earth is considered to be an effectual safeguard against shell fire. As regards No2 6-inch gun, a parapet of earth 4ft. 6ins. high, and about l8ft. thick at the top, has been raised to protect the gun in a similar manner, and to diminish the size of the embrasure; which also in the case of Nol 6-inch gun, was before in the opinion of the authorities unnecessarily large. The ground in front of each gun, which has sunk a little has been filled in, and this is also in course of being sodded over. The embrasures are now sufficiently narrow, and the glaring concrete facings completely concealed...The earth has been filled up in front of the two 64-pounders, but the embrasures of these latter will not be narrowed, as they do not point in direction of the Bay, and are protected from the fire of an advancing foe by the earthworks on the right.

In fact, they would hardly be able to come into action until the enemy was close on to the fort. The l0-barrel Nordenfelt machine-gun, Martini-Henry bore, is being placed in a large concrete-lined bed of a great depth, and fixed so that it can deliver a sweeping fire in every direction. The situation of this pit is between the two 6-inch guns over the principal magazine. This work is being done by the Engineers. A sunk gallery is being cut from the Nordenfelt gun to the rear, with a ladder down to the fort, so that ammunition can be supplied to the gun in action by men who will all the time be under cover.

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