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Moreton Regiment


"...the Guards of Queensland..."

Queensland Governor, Sir Anthony Musgrave-Queen's Birthday Parade, 25th May 1885
Queensland Living History Federation Inc.

On 23rd June 1879, the four Companies of Infantry in Brisbane were amalgamated together and designated
"THE FIRST REGIMENT OF QUEENSLAND INFANTRY". Just under a 100 years later the Moretons were recreated, and being still in existence is Queensland's oldest Victorian Era living history and reenactment group.

We seek to portray the military and social life of a volunteer soldier of Queensland during the period 1887 to 1891, when men of all walks of life enrolled to defend the then Colony from perceived - and sometimes real - threats, both local and overseas .
Our displays feature drill of the period, and a squad may be seen under instruction from a kind and warmhearted Sergeant ; it could be firing the Martini-Henry breechloading rifle or it may simply be gathered around thier campsite resting and sharing tales with each other.

As part of the Queensland Defence Force - or QDF - not only was it an intergral part of day to day life during the period, but the original Regiment's influence was apparent from the veldts of South Africa to the conflicts of WW1 and beyond.

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