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Units of the Queensland Defence Force - Land and Marine



The First Queensland (Moreton) Regiment
The Second Queensland (Wide Bay and Burnett) Regiment
The Third Queensland (Kennedy) Regiment
The Fourth Queensland (Darling Downs) Regiment
The Fifth Queensland (Port Curtis) Regiment


Queensland Volunteer Rifles
Queensland Irish Volunteer Corps
Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps
Queensland Teacher' Volunteer Corps
Cadet Corps

Brisbane Engineers
Submarine Mining Section

A Battery, Permanent Force
Brisbane Field Battery
Moreton Field Battery
Brisbane Garrison Battery
Bowen Garrison Battery
Cairns Garrison Battery
Townsville Garrison Battery

Mounted Infantry
Moreton Mounted Infantry
Darling Downs Mounted Infantry
Warrego Mounted Infantry
Wide Bay Mounted Infantry
Rockhampton Mounted Infantry
Charters Towers Mounted Infantry

Medical Services
Brisbane Ambulance Corps (detachment at Ipswich)
Wide Bay Ambulance Corps (detachment at Maryborough)
Kennedy Ambulance Corps (detachment at Charters Towers)



Spitfire (1859-1860)
Gayundah (1884-1922)
Paluma (1884-1916)
Auxiliary Gunboat
Bonito (1887-1963)
Bream (1887-?)
Stingaree (1887-?)
Pumba (1887-?)
Dolphin (1887-?)
Torpedo Boat
Mosquito (1884-1910)
Midge (1888-1914
Miner (1886-1902)
Survey Vessel


Brisbane Naval Brigade
Townsville Naval Brigade
Maryborough Naval Brigade
Rockhampton Naval Brigade
Cairns Naval Brigade

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