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Microsoft Schedule +

The practical Way to Learn Schedule +

26th of November--


MicrosoftSchedule+ for Windows 95

Keeping business resourceslike personnel and facilities organised can demand anunreasonable share of your time, effort and money.

Fortunately a remedy for thesituation is close at hand, as Microsoft Office forWindows 95 tackles many of these issues head-on.

Included in the package isMicrosoft Schedule+, an extremely useful and convenient tool formanaging and maintaining resources.

Schedule+ is a simple-to-usetime management tool to help organise your time, plan yourroutine and schedule your activities. It keeps track of yourappointments, meetings, events and important contact information.

Unlike a simple managementdiary however, Schedule+ does not rely on you to anticipateupcoming engagements.

Schedule+ is an active partof your working day and actually alerts you to an engagement withas much notice as you require.

But the real power ofSchedule+ is unlocked when installed on an office network,allowing all your staff to synchronise their schedules with otherusers.

Your office will conduct itsday-to-day tasks smoothly and more efficiently thanks to improvedcommunication links between workers.

Given the benefits of officenetworking, is there an inexpensive way to improve, assess andstandardise the computer skills of your office staff?

With the cost of a singleone-day computer course starting around the $250 mark, notincluding staff wages for the day, options are clearly limited.

The answer is"yes", with interactive learning systems designed andproduced by Australian company, Computer TeleVision.

At a cost of under $100 pervolume, the upcoming release of the Microsoft Office Suite forWindows 95 represents exciting news indeed for business.

So what is ComputerTeleVision’s learning system?

With each volume you receivea 60-90 minute tutorial video cassette featuring colourfulgraphics, clear computer screen captures and informative, easy tounderstand sections.

Each topic is explained infull and demonstrated on a computer, so you can follow along andcomplete the exercises on your own computer.

And on the back of the videocover you’ll find a time-coded index, so you can easilylocate specific procedures and exercises on the tape for review.

Topics covered in theSchedule+ volume include making entries into the Appointment Bookand designating engagements as "recurring", so theyneed only be entered once and all the subsequent occurrences areentered for you.

You’ll break downcomplex activities into specific tasks and group them under aproject heading. Your sample projects can then be scheduled torun over a set period of days, weeks, or even months.

You’ll find out howscheduling meetings has never been easier - you’ll view thefree and busy time of other people on your network and quicklylocate a suitable time for all those required to attend.

You’ll see how tomanage office resources like audio-visual equipment, with theSchedule+ Planner.

Getting a hard copy scheduleelements is made easy too, so you can take your To Do List withyou to a meeting, or your Contacts List while you’re on theroad.

Obviously any single styleof organising a schedule will not suit everybody, so you’llsee how to customise your schedule to the way you work.

All Computer TeleVisionlearning videos are written with a user focus, so you get stuckinto the important issues, without wasting valuable time onsuperfluous details and "techno-jargon".

This is just one of thebenefits of Computer TeleVision’s learning system.

You can also work in yourown time and at your own pace free from pressure or anxiety. Ifyou don’t fully understand a procedure, you can rewind thetape and run through that section again.

For More Information Contact:

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