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Microsoft Exchange Learning System

Interactive learning on Video Now Ready to go!

26th of November 1996 --

Microsoft® Exchange for Windows® 95

Failure to minimise "non-productive" time can be one of the most costly aspects of a normal working day.

And the average business spends a staggering amount of time just transferring paper-work around the office and getting messages to people!

Fortunately though a remedy for this situation is close at hand, as Microsoft® Office for Windows® 95 tackles many of these issues head-on. Exchange is an extremely useful and convenient office communication tool, which helps workers to connect and share information.

Buying the software is only the first step. How then do you train your staff to use it?

Australian company Computer TeleVision produces top quality interactive learning systems on video and CD-ROM which they believe outperform popular and expensive day courses.

"We will show you how to make Microsoft Office work for you and save you time and real money," says CTV Managing Director Mark Hart.

"You can complete a three-day computer software training course in just four hours without any rush or stress!"

"You might think this sounds impossible. You might think any training system that offers so much must be expensive. Not with Computer TeleVision’s vast selection of training videos."

Mr Hart said CTV learning systems are so reliable, "you’ll see results that give you the clear advantage in a matter of hours, no matter which one of our videos you choose."

The Microsoft Exchange volume from CTV demonstrates how the program transfers information in a variety of formats including text documents, spreadsheets, graphics and even faxes, as well as providing a solid framework for all communication with computer users outside your office.

Exchange operates like your computer’s version of the National Post and inter-office mail system.

Instead of hand-delivering paper documents (another added cost), you send your messages over the office’s computer network.

"We’ll show you how to incorporate Exchange as an active part of your working day, as well as alerting you to some common pitfalls and offering suggestions to help streamline its use," said Mr Hart.

"Your office will conduct its day-to-day tasks smoothly and more efficiently, thanks to stress-free learning and improved communication links between workers."

Topics covered in the Exchange volume include the Microsoft Fax information service de-mystified, and printing messages in a variety of formats.

You’ll send and receive electronic mail using Microsoft WordMail, attach files to mail and send a single item to a group of workers in one go.

You’ll edit an item, forward it on to a colleague for their comments, and then receive confirmation that they read the item.

You’ll see that finding that misplaced memo has never been easier than with Exchange’s powerful message finder. You’ll even filter incoming messages so you receive the important ones first.

Obviously any single style of organising an Exchange Viewer will not suit everybody, so you’ll see how to customise your Inbox to the way you work.

So what is Computer TeleVision’s learning system?

With each volume you receive a 60-90 minute tutorial video cassette featuring colourful graphics, clear computer screen captures and informative, easy to understand sections.

Each topic is explained in full and demonstrated on a computer, so you can follow along and complete the exercises on your own computer.

You also receive a 3.5 inch floppy diskette containing technical support information and learning files you’ll use during the exercises.

And on the back of the video cover you’ll find a time-coded index which corresponds with an on-screen timer, so you can easily locate specific procedures and exercises on the tape.

All Computer TeleVision learning videos are written with a user focus, so you get stuck into the important issues, without wasting valuable time on superfluous details and "techno-jargon".

This is just one of the benefits of Computer TeleVision’s learning system.

You can also work in your own time and at your own pace free from pressure or anxiety. If you don’t fully understand a procedure, you can rewind the tape and run through that section again...

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