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Microsoft Office 4.3 Learning System


Key Benefits

The Microsoft Office Suite is the benchmark of popular commercial applications for the PC. Now Computer TeleVision have put together the definitive video training course for users of Office. 

In your own time and at your own pace, our series of ten broadcast quality interactive video courses guide you from beginner to advanced levels in Word 6.0, Access 2.0, Excel 5.0 and PowerPoint 4.0.

 Unlike training room based courseware, we use real life examples to build applications and templates using the Microsoft Office software. This way you not only learn the functions and commands of each application, but also contribute toward creating the basis of a fully operational cashbook / budget forecasting system, personnel information manager, on-line interactive office procedures manual and much more. By utilizing the method of training, you not only learn what a command does, but more importantly, how it can be used under circumstances that relate to the real world.

 Each video course in the ten tape series is approximately one hour in duration. And being videos, if any section requires reinforcement it can be viewed again at any time. Because video training is user driven and not instructor driven, peer pressure anxiety due to variance in typing speeds of differing levels of comprehension between course attendees is totally eliminated.



Description Order Code Kit Price
Office 4.3 Professional learning system
Access ver 2.0 vol,1,2 & 3
Excel Ver 5.0 vol 1,2 & 3
Word ver 6.0 vol 1,2 & 3
PowerPoint 4.0 vol 1
Includes the all 10 interactive videos
with 10 data learning Diskettes
This set is equal to a ten day training course.
Fully indexed.
A01-599 Now $599
Save over $400
RRP $1000
Microsoft Mail & Schedule learning system
Includes Video and it is fully indexed.
Equal to a one day training seminar
A12-MM $89
Windows 3.11 for WorkGroups Net working Series

Includes: WorkGroups vol, 1,2,3 &4

Includes the all 4 interactive videos
with 2 data learning Diskettes fully indexed.
A03-WG5 $198
Save over $170
RRP $370

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