Heidi Kneale, author

What Her Grace has Written

Heidi Kneale has been writing stories for as long as she could hold a pencil. Since the beginning she was drawn to the fantastic. She penned her first novel, "The Atomic Girl" in fourth grade. Her first publication, at age 17, was a Fantasy poem in a literary magazine.

Since then, she's written all sorts of fun stuff like fiction and non-fiction. Even did a wee bit of music once.

Ultimately, as her later works show, she's settled on Fantasy and Romance novels.



Her Grace is awfully fond of the footnote, like this one. She'll often communicate additional thoughts, kind of like a postscript or an afterword. They're always in the third person, although she is speaking directly with you, dear reader.

This is because she feels a kinship with you, a fellow lover of books.

Books have been her dearest companions ever since she learned how to read. There was nothing like a book to comfort her, to bring her delight, to give her a chance to escape. Perhaps when she was young, she took in so many books that now they are spilling back out of her.

She hopes that you may find the same kind of joy in her books. If you do, please be thoughtful and leave an honest review somewhere, so others can also share the love.