Heidi Kneale, author


In 2010 I did a serious evaluation regarding my writing career. I'd been doing lots of short stuff--short stories and non-fiction articles--but what I really loved was novels.

So I put away all the short writings and devoted my time to the long form. Got a lot of work done as a result.

For some fun, here's a list of most of the novels I've written over the course of my career. Note: this is not every novel, as the newer ones are still in the works. See Upcoming and Out Now for details about my latest works.

Some of these novels are trunked permanently, others are as-yet unpublished, needing a polish and biding their time. Enjoy.

Some book ideas

  • A standalone novel in the Of The Dark universe, with Romance leanings.
  • A prequel in Of The Dark.
  • A Fantasy Regency Romance featuring a heroine named Viola (who can see people for who they truly are. NOT a desirable trait in Regency England.) Also, may feature a Younger Son who may have taken on a career in the Church. (A Lady of Many Charms series)
  • Series potential for the world of Aunt Sophie.
  • A Fantasy trilogy between warring religions, one who bound up a supernatural creature, and the one who unbound it.
  • A story where a cuckolded husband sets out on a quest to punch Zeus in the face.

I mentioned I enjoy novels, right?