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GOOD NEWS!! Out in 2020 from The Wild Rose Press.

Felicity Abbot's debut has been delayed for two years. It looks like it might be delayed even longer. How frustrating! So when her parents leave for the evening, nothing prevents her from sneaking off to the neighbors' crush. After all, no lock can stop Felicity.

Victor Wyndell's mother drags him along to the worst crush ever, not because she thinks he needs to meet young ladies (he does), but because she's gotten herself involved in a very scandalous Situation. Somewhere a document is hidden that could expose Mrs Wyndell's involvement. They must find it and destroy it before it completely ruins the Wyndells and forever destroys Victor's chances of a good marriage.

Get Zeus!

When one poor fellow returns home from the wars to find his wife pregnant, he vows to punch out the guy who knocked her up, even if it is a god. Thus, he sets out on a quest to satisfy his honour. Along the way he encounters other with a grudge, who are more than willing to help him to his final goal: cuckolded husbands, frustrated demi-gods, heartbroken mothers of half-baby-half-beasts, and a bitter old woman he suspects is Hera in disguise...

Victoria Arden

When Victoria Arden's reputation is ruined by vindictive rumour, she fears any chance of a decent marriage is ruined. She dreads having to leave London and returning to the impoverished life she and her widowed mother suffered.

John, Duke of Shrewsbury, has had his eye on the fresh debutante Victoria Arden, daughter of a colonel and the granddaughter of an earl. Her family situation is not quite one that would recommend her as a wife. However, when her reputation is ruined (albeit unfairly), he sees his opportunity to offer her carte blanche--an opportunity to become his mistress.

But rumour and truth are not the same thing. Victoria flat out refuses his insulting offer. She's not guilty of the moral crime rumour accuses of her. She clings to the truth of her innocence and refuses to accept anything less than honourable marriage.

Can Victoria remain true to her morals, even though it may mean the life of a poor spinster? What will it take for John to convince Victoria to become his?

Charming Young Thing

Anne is good at charms--extremely good. In the matter of a few days she can charm a ring or a bracelet with powerful magic, whereas anyone else would take months. She wishes she could use her magic to ensure a comfortable life for her and her father. Alas, his terrible gambling habit keeps them in genteel poverty. It's only due to the generosity of her uncle that they even have a place to live. Even so, with a cousin reaching debutante age, there's a very good chance they could be kicked out of the family townhouse.

Facing the prospect of homelessness as well as unmarriedness, Anne must stoop lower than any other noble lady. She must enter trade. Perhaps by selling charms, she might earn enough money for a dowry. Now, if only she could keep such a thing a secret...

Book 2 in the A Lady of Many Charms series.

A Charming Fellow

George Hales has admired Lady Jane Windermere since he first spied her at her Debutante Ball. Shame she has no interest in anyone, least of all the brother of her best friend.

Lady Jane has wanted nothing more to do with Society since the day she arrived. It is best she shun them first before they learn her terrible secret and oust her from the ton. Yet even the strongest of magic fails to deter one very determined suitor...

Book 3 in the A Lady of Many Charms series.

How True

Viola has absolutely no magic at all, not that she wants any. For Viola sees the world as it truly is, and that is good enough for her. She has little patience for the tricks and traps other young ladies employ to snare a good husband.

Also, Viola has no desire for a husband. At least, that's what she keeps telling herself. Is it possible to lie to someone who can see the full truth, even if that person is oneself?

The Most Eligible Bachelor of the Season

When Miranda's grandparents visit her in Oxford, they make it no secret they wish to arrange a marriage for the sake of political connections. Miranda has no qualms with this plan. She's grown weary of her scholarly parents and lack of acknoweldgement for educated women in the Regency. She's happy to head off to London for the Season and marry the grandson of an influential Duke. The Duke's eldest son is known as the Most Eligible Bachelor of the Season.

However, her grandfather, the Earl, has other plans. He wants Miranda to marry Lord William, the younger grandson. (Could it be her grandfather knows something?)

Miranda thinks this will be an easy process. When she meets Lord William, she does not tell him what her grandfather has in store. Good thing too, for Lord William balks at the thought of an arranged marriage. He has romantic ideals of wooing a lady he loves.

For Lord William, Miranda just might be that lady... if only she wasn't destined for another, or so he thinks. Also, Miranda has little clue as to how much fun romance can be.

Space Librarians

After a faster-than-light space travel is invented, humans colonise nearby worlds. The fastest method for sharing information is to carry it on starships. (Never underestimate the bandwidth of a Volkswagen full of CDs.)

While this method of transporting data storage devices takes only weeks, as opposed to radio, which could take years, these "librarian ships", as they're known, face other challenges. Where's a nice, easy pirate raid when you need one?

Highly Desirable Job Skillz

The universe is full of races who specialise in certain skills. One race excel in engineering. Another, in social design. Yet another one specialises in commerce. Together, they blend their skill sets to create the most intrepid and successful space crews ever seen.

And then there's humans. Wonderful, valuable humans. They say a human can adapt to any skill, given sufficient training.

(This is assuming you get a smart one.)

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