Dane's page
Name: Dane Sorensen
Email: dane@opera.iinet.net.au
Address: Bisdee Rd Millendon
Phone: 08 9296 1344
Fax: 08 9296 1704
Profile of services.

We provide a Geographic Information System Data acquisition service, using a Differential GPS, namely Trimble ProXl's for
the field data collection, with a Trimble Land Surveyor 4000 as the base station. Data is either post processed or we have the
facility to generate and transmit real time corrections via radio link. This enables real time set out if required.
The service is directed towards the mining exploration industry, an area we have specialized in for 20 years, the last 7 using
The service is also targeted towards any one, group or government department that requires the collection of accurate locations
of features. It is a very time /cost effective method of mapping vineyards, orchards, timber plantations and soil types - salinity
affected areas.
We also provide a drafting service, either overlay transparencies or integration of existing maps with the collected data
incorporated or over printed.


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