Fine Woodwork Association of WA

Displayed at the 2016 WOOD SHOW Claremont Show Grounds

• Junior Woodworker (any item by a woodworker in Year 7 or 8 or under, still at school
• Junior Woodworker (any item by a woodworker in Year 9 or under, still at school
• Junior Woodworker (any item by a woodworker in Year 10 or under, still at school
• Junior Woodworker Year 11/12 or under, still at school {not an apprentice) 2 prizes
Two Categories 1. Freeform 2. General Construction


CO2 Competition

Design and Technology Education is alive and well.Come along and see WA students work in the following competitions:
CO2 Dragsters

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The purpose of the CO2 DRAGSTER competition is to provide a means for students to demonstrate their ability using Design Make Appraise (DMA) principals to draw, design and then build a dragster within a set of specifications.


The eV Challenge is a competition for teams to design and build a cheap but effective electric vehicle and then compete with it against other teams. Competitors will be tasked with driving around a closed circuit, relying solely upon a specified amount of battery storage. The winning team will be the one that travels the greatest distance in 60 minutes.

Aimed mainly at schools, there is also an open category available to TAFE college, university, business and private teams.

The spirit of the event is to build an inexpensive but safe and effective machine in an environment of open-ended learning and team work.


Australian International Pedal Prix - Busselton WA

20th - 21st August

2015 Results

Murray Bridge results 2015

Australian International Pedal Prix at Murray Bridge in South Australia, held over four days in September, the event is the biggest of it's type in the world. Teams from across South Australia have entered, along with many from interstate.


The (F1) Schools Innovation Design Challenge is offered to all High Schools across Australia. This program focuses on developing the creativity and innovation through a structured engineering Design and Technology project based on the development of a model racing car.

Students will gain an understanding of the modern manufacturing cycle (PLM – Product Life Management), through the opportunity to use the world’s most advanced software CAD / CAM to develop and manufacture their car designs.