Where to buy:      
Tin Plate Federal Sheetmetal - 9279 5655    
  STEELAND - Bibra Lake    

Leeming SHS -
Sheet size 800 x 800 x 0.28
$3.30 per sheet (GST included)

Nickel Silver

Specialty Metals, Welshpool (Domenic)
93535588        3-6 days delivery time
2000 x 600 x 1mm    $585 pick-up


George White and Co,  Victoria
2000x600x1 nickel silver sheet $379 plus delivery?
Also have good prices on bulk n/s wire about 100 bucks a kilo!


Australian Jeweller’s Supplies
Hay Street, Perth
9225 5835
Catalogue at:
Sheet in 0.8 and 1.2 thickness. They sell a range of sheet sizes.
300 x 300 with the 0.8 costing $59.22 + GST and the 1.2 $81.27 + GST.


Seiver’s Australia   (Josh)
2nd Floor 25 Barrack St, Perth
9325 8822    Fx 93258002
Nickel Silver  1.0mm 150x300  $55
Nickel Silver  1.2mm 150x300  $66
Dix Gold 0.9mm 300x300   $55
Dix Gold 1.0mm 300x300   $66


Educational RESOURCES

Topic Web Link


National Curriculum - TECHNOLOGY
A British website with 14 project suggestions with ideas, pictures of finished projects and documentation and related web sites for research. Suitable for upper primary through to year 12
A list of projects and a brief description of the student work at the NSW DET 2006 exhibition

A British web site of web sites. Covers topics like resistant materials, systems, electronics, graphics, photography, industrial technology and engineering, recommended books, etc.

A very impressive site from the Sydney Powerhouse Museum showing the work of HSC students. Covers areas of interior & furniture, graphic design and digital media, product & industrial, engineering, architecture & landscape.
The Design and technology association of the UK. Lots of interesting information for free. If you become a member, you have access to millions of programs from k-12

Free downloadable resources, they do ask that you also share any resources you may have to keep the website functioning. Resources cover resistant materials, product design and wood. Also textiles and food as that is under the same umbrella as DT in the UK.

Australian website with many links and resources on design and designers.
Resources and information on all areas of technology.

A great local source of magnets is Lodestone Industries at Unit 25, 70 Roberts Street (East) Osborne Park Ph 9201 1644. They are an Australian owned and operated company and they have extensive in-house expertise and technical backup to provide solutions to almost every magnetic challenge. But most of all they are keen to help you out with your problems.