The Joys of 8 Bits!

8-bit computing is for you! smiley

Disk-based 8-bit systems are commonly based on the Z-80 CPU from Zilog, Inc., or its big brother, the Z180. The standard system software is CP/M (tm), which is the base from which MS-DOS (tm) originated. CP/M applications were formerly available on SimTel, however this appears to be defunct. Some of the CP/M material is mirrored here.

Issues relating to CP/M systems are regularly discussed on UseNet in comp.os.cpm

See also John Elliott's CP/M archive
and the The CP/M FAQ

To run CP/M, you can try one of the emulator programs running on a PC, such as MYZ80.

For hardware platforms, see my Z80182 8-bit CPU board now discontinued.

If embedded computing is your thing, you may care to try my freeware emulator for the Motorola 6805.
Also Simplex-III, my old discrete-TTL processor design.
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